Bucs would be comfortable selecting a quarterback “if things align”

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The Buccaneers have only two quarterbacks on their roster, and their starter turns 44 in August. At some point, Tampa Bay will have to start thinking about the future at the position.

Is that time now?

Tom Brady is signed through 2022 and plans to play at least two more seasons. Ryan Griffin is the only other quarterback on the roster for now, though Blaine Gabbert remains a free agent and still could re-sign. But neither Griffin nor Gabbert is the heir apparent to Brady.

The Bucs will consider drafting a quarterback if its the right player at the right pick, General Manager Jason Licht said this week.

“You just want to make sure that you’re not picking a quarterback just to pick a quarterback,” Licht said, via Scott Smith of the team website. “You want everybody to be onboard, and the guy’s got to have the right mindset. He’s got to be, obviously, talented and can throw the ball, but he’s got to be somebody that we all feel comfortable with above the neck. There’s always positives to drafting a quarterback if all those things align.”

Since the draft was shortened to seven rounds in 1994, the Bucs have selected three quarterbacks in the first round, one in the second, two in the third and one each in the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh rounds. Jameis Winston, Josh Freeman and Trent Dilfer, the first-rounders, did not work out as planned.

The Bucs still appear to be in win-now mode, which means a quarterback in the first round would seem unlikely, but, with all 22 starters returning, they also don’t have a lot of holes.

A rookie quarterback would get the benefit of sitting for a couple of years and learning from the greatest player of all time. He also would benefit from the presence of offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich, a former NFL quarterback, as well as quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen and assistant coach Tom Moore.

“There’s always pros to drafting a quarterback for us because of our coaching staff,” Licht said. “Bruce [Arians] and Byron and Clyde and Tom Moore – I mean, you couldn’t think of a better staff to groom a quarterback.”

11 responses to “Bucs would be comfortable selecting a quarterback “if things align”

  1. Brady will tell them when it’s OK to draft a QB. And if Brady thinks he’ll be any kind of a threat, Brady will be the one to have him shipped out as soon as possible.

  2. How do they have any money left to sign any draft picks?

    I would sign AB And then trade away every draft pick for future draft picks next year.

    Ride with Brady until the wheels come off.

  3. The Bucs have never drafted well at QB… Yeah, Dilfer won a Super Bowl with a good Ravens defense but got cut that off season…

    Jones is the only first round worthy QB because of his college resume but likely gone…
    Trask would be a reach at first round but impressive resume against SEC defenses…

    Fields, Lance, Mills, Mond, all would be much more of a risk in first round not likely to pan out do to lacking big game, pro like, experiences… these guys 2nd or 3rd round won’t be to outlandish..

  4. Tom never helped his backups while in NE, why would he now? He’d also flip out if a useful player was passed on for his backup.

  5. unlike the snowflake qbs in the league, it never phased the GOAT to have his team repeatedly draft qbs, bring it on.

  6. If it’s such a good staff, why couldn’t they groom Jameis Winston? They had to go out and sign a 6 time super bowl champ. When Brady was in New England, the Patriots supposedly had all the great assistant coaches, and it was their GM that sounded smart whenever he talked.

  7. Well the same can be said about most teams whether their in win now or rebuild but the key is if your in win now mode you dont double down and use multiple picks for a player who if all goes right wont play for you that season.

  8. They better have a conversation with Brady, he is a bit of a diva and ultra sensitive about having talent backing him up in the form of a Day 1 or 2 draft pick. Althought he has to know at this point that his run is coming to a conclusion, so maybe helping groom a young guy who has talent but needs some additional seasoning could appeal to him at this point in his career. What better way to leave the game then still being competitive at 45/46 years old and being a stand up guy in grooming your successor.

    I can’t see the Bucs giving up the draft assets to be in the hunt for Justin Fields, Trey Lance or Mac Jones, who will all most likely be drafted in the top 15 picks; but I could see them trying to make a run at Kyle Trask (who IMO is being undervalued) in the 2nd round. If Trask’s is still around for the 3rd round, expect the Bucs to be active in trading up to try and nab an heir apparent to the Great One!

  9. The Bucs are returning all 22 starters and many key backups. This roster can compete for another run at the Super Bowl. There is only one weakness on the Bucs and that is a quality backup QB to Tom Brady. Also there is no long tern plan in place when Brady does retire. If there is a QB that the Bucs fell could be a potential Brady replacement when Brady retires, the Bucs will draft that QB. I also believe the Bucs will look at free agents and the waiver wire for a quality backup to see if anyone is better than Griffin. Griffin understands the system and his roll which is a plus for him. He always put on a passing show during the preseason.

  10. tyelee says:
    April 22, 2021 at 10:57 pm
    The Bucs have never drafted well at QB… Yeah, Dilfer won a Super Bowl with a good Ravens defense but got cut that off season…

    They drafted Steve Young and Doug Williams. Both Super Bowl Champions. I think it is more like Bucs have never had luck developing QBs they drafted.

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