Dave Gettleman says he’s tried to trade back but refuses to get fleeced

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Dave Gettleman has been a General Manager for eight drafts across two teams, the Panthers and Giants. In that time, he’s famously — or notoriously — never traded back.

When that got brought up during his Thursday pre-draft press conference, Gettleman noted it’s not because he’s never wanted to.

I’ve tried! I’ve tried to trade back,” Gettleman said, via ESPN’s Jordan Raanan, also calling the notion he won’t trade back an urban myth. “But it’s got to be value. I’m not getting fleeced.”

Gettleman went on to say that some deals have been in place, but players other teams wanted to select came off the board right before Gettleman’s team came on the clock.

A report from NFL Media indicated the Giants were “internally considering” trading out of the 11th overall pick. But that will also depend on a team wanting to come up and take a player who has made it to that selection. If it happens, it will also be the first time the Giants have traded back with a first-round pick since 2006.

9 responses to “Dave Gettleman says he’s tried to trade back but refuses to get fleeced

  1. Oh Dave. You’ve gotten fleeced plenty of times before and have been fleecing fans for years whenever you go as GM.

  2. Instead, David “Football” Gettleman will continue to stand pat and get fleeced in the Giants’ assigned draft slots. He would not know “value” if it punched him right in the face. The guy who drafted Daniel Jones 6th overall, continuing to cling to the fantasy that someday he will be a real franchise QB, reminiscent of Pinnochio’s dream of becoming a real boy. The guy that has the Giants perennially in the hunt for the NFC East basement. Please, never leave. Be the Giants GM forever.

  3. With his inability to evaluate talent and poor draft choices, instead of wasting a very high pick on what looks like a bust of a RB even a dimwit GM knows that having more picks gives better odds that a few will have talent instead of missing on that one high draft pick for the umpteenth time..

  4. If Gettleman couldn’t trade back with the #2 pick a few years ago and walked away with a RB that would have still been on the board, odds aren’t great for him now with #11. He is either going to miss with the pick or take a low ball offer so he can say he moved back. Other organizations have to sense his seat is kinda warm.

  5. I was going to comment, but the fish swimming in that barrel need to live…..

  6. We fans are always calling for our team to trade back so we can get a guy we like and additional picks, but we forget that there has to be another team willing to trade up and give you what your pick is actually worth.

  7. How is hard is to take the best available player when your time comes up along with your needs of the team. Now lets say you have a great MLB and two other really good ones and somebody really wants that pick so they can get a MLB then it is time to talk and see how bad do they really want that player.

  8. This is an easy choice. If Waddle is there, you take him. Game breaker the Giants don’t have. Then take best Edge Rusher in Round 2 and either best OL or Edge Rusher again in Round 3. And be humble about it all. Dave G, you have just thrown money at a lot of players they haven’t panned out, This is your last chance and stay humble please. If Waddle is not there, it’s either Smith or OL or E rusher.

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