George Paton: We’re really high on Drew Lock, but we want competition

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers
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George Paton says all the right things about Drew Lock. The General Manager’s comments about the Broncos’ quarterback, though, always include a “but.”

The fact is: The Broncos are looking to add a quarterback, because Lock hasn’t proved he’s a franchise quarterback. He might be. It’s too soon after only 18 starts to know for sure.

But. . .

Can the Broncos win Week 1 with Drew Lock as their quarterback, Paton was asked Thursday.

“I don’t know about Week 1,” Paton said, presumably meaning he doesn’t know who will start Week 1. “We’re really high on Drew. I like seeing Drew here every morning when I come in. He’s working hard. He’s trending in the right direction. As you know, he has a lot of talent. I think he’s becoming a better pro. But we’re still going to look at the quarterback position. I’ve said since I got here, we want to bring in competition, and that’s the goal, and we plan on doing that.”

Lock, 24, has completed 59.1 percent of his passes for 3,953 yards with 23 touchdowns and 18 interceptions since the Broncos made him a second-round choice in 2019.

He will face competition to keep his job for this season.

The Broncos could draft a quarterback (Trey Lance? Justin Fields? Mac Jones?), could trade for a quarterback (Teddy Bridgewater?) or potentially could find one after the draft via a team that drafts a quarterback (Jimmy Garoppolo?). The Texans will trade Deshaun Watson sometime, but it might be after the 2021 season starts or during the 2022 offseason depending on what happens with the civil suits against him.

“We do like Drew Lock. . . but we do realize we want competition,” Paton said. “I’ve said that since I’ve gotten here, and that hasn’t changed.”

9 responses to “George Paton: We’re really high on Drew Lock, but we want competition

  1. Drew Lock is not, and never has been a legit QB. If Elway picked them you know they are not better than a high school prospect.

  2. This is a smokescreen. They dont want other teams to trade up and get a qb before they do

  3. I also don’t think replay decisions should be gong to a newyork office when they aren’t even at the game. Seems like a way to control the replay results when the on field refs should be making that decision.

  4. George should be talking to Elway to find out what QB John thinks is the best so he knows that is probably the worst QB in the draft and probably not even worth a rookie free-agent contract. Then find out who John thinks is a bad QB that he wouldn’t draft, that is one to draft.

  5. I’d bet that all these people who say Elway can’t draft a decent quarterback are all for him taking Trey Lance, yet Mr. Lance is no more proven than Lynch or Osweiller when they were selected.

  6. He’s not the guy. But, Lock could have a long and successful career as a back up.

  7. I love my Denver Broncos,but Peyton Manning retired 5 yrs ago and there hasn’t been anything close to resembling a starting QB over that span. I’m still embarrassed to even mention that Paxton Lynch was drafted. I’m hoping George Paton has plan for the most important position on the field.

  8. I believe the Chiefs knew after 18 starts that Mahomes was you know…The guy.

    As I recall, Denver’s enjoyed a much better defense for Lock’s first 18 games than the Chiefs fielded for #15.

    Time to spend another first round pick on a possible franchise QB for Denver. Is Elway making the pick again, this time? lol

  9. I believe Drew Lock has the talent but needs the time and experience to develop. Not every newly-drafted QB is Justin Herbert.

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