Jaycee Horn says it’s a “night-and-day difference” between he and Patrick Surtain

South Carolina v LSU
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Jaycee Horn does not lack for confidence. After his pro day at South Carolina, the cornerback called himself the best defender in the draft.

On Thursday, the Cowboys released a short video of their interview with Horn, acknowledging to him their need for a starting cornerback. Horn and Alabama cornerback Patrick Surtain are options for Dallas at 10th overall.

So Horn was asked who the best corner in the draft is and why.

“I feel like I’m the best corner in the draft hands down,” Horn told the Cowboys in a video call. “When I look at all the corners, I feel like the top, the top of the top is me and Pat Surtain of Alabama. I feel like he a great player. I learned a lot from watching his film. But I think what separates us ultimately is just the way we compete, the way I compete, and the way he plays. I feel like it’s like a night-and-day difference when you turn on the tape.”

It is unlikely Horn knew his comment would become public, but it’s also a safe bet he believes what he said, and he should believe what he said. If Horn had said anything else, it would have given the Cowboys pause.

For the record, Florida tight end Kyle Pitts agrees with Horn. Pitts told the Cowboys in a video they released Wednesday that Horn was the best defensive back he faced. Pitts played against Surtain in the SEC Championship Game last season.

Horn also said on the video he could have defended his father, former NFL receiver Joe Horn, in a one-on-one battle back in the day.

“I think, I think I’ll get him,” Horn said. “I’m a little bigger than him. My technique will get him.”