Joe Douglas on Zach Wilson: We don’t want to give everyone the answers to our test Boca Raton Bowl - BYU v Central Florida
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When Jets General Manager Joe Douglas met with the media after trading quarterback Sam Darnold to the Panthers, he said it was a fair assessment to say that the team would draft a quarterback with the second overall pick.

He wouldn’t bite when pressed about whether that quarterback will be Zach Wilson and his stance on that didn’t change in a Thursday press conference. Douglas was asked about Wilson as a player, he said he would avoid providing any scouting reports on prospects at this juncture.

“I really don’t want to get into any individual assessments of any prospects. We don’t want to give everyone the answers to our test,” Douglas said, via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY.

The general consensus around the league is that we know the answer to the question of who will go with the first two picks. The third pick is expected to be a quarterback and the identity of that player looks like the first big reveal of the first round even if Douglas isn’t putting his cards on the table yet.

4 responses to “Joe Douglas on Zach Wilson: We don’t want to give everyone the answers to our test

  1. Zach Wilson was 0-5 in his college career vs teams with 10 plus wins.
    3 TDs to 4 interceptions. Zach was great at dominating trash. So if the Jets draft this guy…they will be asking a rookie QB to start for a rookie head coach. What could possibly go wrong? Jets gonna Jets.

  2. Jerry Jones and Joe Douglas are related some way, neither of them can hide their love for a player

  3. I only wish the best for Jets fans, but it’s hard to have any kind of confidence in an organization that blew it so spectacularly with Darnold. All that draft capital wasted. I just don’t know that Wilson is the kind of guy you can rush onto the field and expect great results – but that’s true of most rookie QBs.

    He’s going to be given zero opportunity to develop and adjust to the NFL, and it’s quite a jump up from the teams BYU played. Same with Trey Lance.

  4. What’s the difference if you announce who you’re taking with the 2nd overall pick? Seriously. Why would it matter?

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