NFL will allow only five tryout players at rookie minicamps

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Cardinals cornerback Malcolm Butler, Vikings receiver Adam Thielen and Chargers cornerback Chris Harris Jr. are former tryout players.

All three got their starts at a rookie minicamp, showing enough to get signed.

With the rookie minicamps canceled last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, some potential NFL players went unnoticed and unsigned. They may never get a chance to make an NFL roster.

This year, rookie minicamps return, but not many tryout players will get an opportunity.

The NFL informed teams that they can have only five tryout players at rookie minicamps next month, Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports.

Some teams traditionally invite dozens of unsigned players to compete for a job, so it stands to reason that dozens of unsigned players will never see an NFL practice field.

6 responses to “NFL will allow only five tryout players at rookie minicamps

  1. What’s the logic behind this? Undrafted players are all tryout players, right? This seems silly. Ultimately, the roster has to be cut to a certain number on a certain day, regardless of how many got invited to camp.

  2. The NFL is only hurting the nfl, as always. Many future stars will never get a shot now. But at least Vince Papale got a great movie out of his signing..

  3. As with most of the covid rules people come up with, this is arbitrary and based on nothing.

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