Chris Ballard: Carson Wentz is dialed in and has been great to be around

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One of the biggest factors determining the Colts’ success in 2021 will be whether quarterback Carson Wentz returns to his 2019 form or struggles like he did last season.

Wentz has a lot working for him in Indianapolis, chief among them playing under head coach Frank Reich — who served as Wentz’s offensive coordinator for the first two years of his career.

In his Friday pre-draft press conference, General Manager Chris Ballard noted the quarterback has made a positive first impression in the building.

It’s been good. He’s comfortable in his own skin,” Ballard said. “He’s got a great sense of humor. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s dialed in. He works.

“I haven’t been around him a lot because I’m locked in that draft room the whole time. But he’s been great to be around. He’s got a great family, he’s got a great perspective on life. He’s going to be a good player for us.”

Ballard added Wentz’s familiarity with Reich and the scheme has been helpful in the acclimation process.

“I think it’s no different than with Philip,” Ballard said. “So it’s like last year when we didn’t have any of the offseason program, Philip came in, knew the offense — there wasn’t a lag in terms of him playing and understanding of what needed to be done. And it’s kind of the same way with Carson. He understands what Frank wants. he understands the offense. They have a very close relationship and that’s a good thing — that’s a good thing for us.”