Daniel Snyder accuses investment banker of destroying evidence


It’s spoliation accusation season in the NFL.

On the heels of the lawyers in the Deshaun Watson litigation trading allegations of evidence destruction, Washington owner Daniel Snyder has done the same. Via Daniel Kaplan of TheAthletic.com, Snyder has requested sanctions against investment banker John Moag for, according to Snyder, “deliberately and knowingly” destroying crucial documents that supposedly prevented Snyder from fully pursuing his defamation claim.

Snyder’s court filing attacks the expected front-line argument from Moag.

“Mr. Moag — a former practicing attorney — admits that he continued his supposed ‘routine’ deletion of documents from his devices after being served with the subpoena herein,” Snyder’s lawyers write. “However, this ‘routine’ deletion was nothing of the sort. Mr. Moag selectively and manually deleted messages from his devices, while keeping others for long periods of time.”

Last week, Snyder officially commenced an effort to obtain documents and testimony from former team president Bruce Allen, based on his alleged conversations with Moag, who represented the three limited partners as they searched for a buyer for their interests. Recently, Snyder bought the shares from the limited partners.

Although the transaction ended his courtroom squabbles with those now-former partners, others aren’t insulated. And Snyder isn’t bashful about trying to utilize the full force of the legal system to fulfill whatever objectives he’s pursuing.

7 responses to “Daniel Snyder accuses investment banker of destroying evidence

  1. If you think Snyder is as horrible a human being as he seems to be from these news stories. imagine being a Washington fan and experiencing all of the other ways he’s demonstrated it!

    Two of the worst days in our franchise’s history: the day the league handed him the franchise and this month when they handed him 100% ownership in the middle of all kinds of scandals and chaos! He’s not just the worst owner in all of sports, he’s one of the worst human beings!

  2. Please, Danny, just stop. You won. Step away and move on.

    But of course, he won’t. Danny will do whatever it takes to make himself look small and petty. His actions are one of the main reasons why this franchise is looked at as a joke. And I say this as a WFT fan!

    Some things just never change.

  3. Snyder may of may not be a bad person (I don’t know) but not sure what in this article would indicate that he is one. Someone on the other side destroying evidence would be the person engaged in bad acts and, potentially, a bad person. Snyder going after such a person is probably what you would do (or at least want to do) if you were in his shoes.

    Don’t let your hatred of Snyder blind you to the potential bad acts of others.

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