Lions have had discussions with teams looking to trade up

Houston Texans v Detroit Lions
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The teams with the first three choices in next week’s draft are not going to trade down. Every other team should be open to a trade.

Lions General Manager Brad Holmes, whose team has the seventh overall choice, said Friday his team is open for business.

“Yes, there have been [trade] discussions with other teams,” Holmes said, via Kyle Meinke of “I will keep those in house, but yeah, there have been discussions.”

Holmes served as the Rams’ college scouting director the past eight drafts. In 2016, the Rams traded up from No. 15 to select Jared Goff first overall. The Lions traded for Goff earlier this offseason.

If the Lions stand pat, they will have their selection of some of the best non-quarterbacks in the draft. Three quarterbacks will go in the first three choices, and two more could go in the top 10.

That will leave a lot of non-quarterbacks for teams in the top 10 not in need of a quarterback.

“Whenever you’re picking in the top 10, obviously it’s an extremely valuable pick, but it’s very exciting to be looking at this crop of players that would be worthy of selecting [there],” Holmes said. “Where I just came from, we weren’t really used to picking in the first round that much. So being up in the top 10 [is cool]. But at seven, we do have a cluster of players that we’re comfortable with picking. But at the same time, we would be very prepared and also willing to move in either direction. So we’re still open in those regards, but there is a cluster of players that we would be comfortable with.”

10 responses to “Lions have had discussions with teams looking to trade up

  1. As a lions fan I can inform you all that we are contractually obligated to mess this up somehow, someway. But I have confidence that we will find a way to do so. We’ve got lots of practice.

  2. If they have a one of the best corners in football available that is what they should take. This way both sides of the field would be in great shape for years to come on defense.

  3. The lions have drafted 2 pro bowlers in the last 3 years so with Brad Holmes in charge now let the rebuild continue

  4. They should probably grab somebody with an appetite for kneecaps.

  5. It will be interesting to see what the Lions do if Kyle Pitts is available. A lot of teams want him. If he’s there, they could get a lot in exchange for trading back.

    All of these guys are superstars until they take their first snap in September. Some of these first round QBs could be the next Ryan Leaf or JaMarcus Russell. Same goes with every pick.

  6. Lions @ #7 should be thinking LT Slater, WR Smith, but it is dead obvious that they need to stockpile picks.

  7. I’ll guess that cluster of players consists of both tackles, Pitts, Chase and Smith. Don’t see them taking a QB this year.

  8. It will be interesting to see what the Lions do to screw up the next three years under new management and coaching. 65 years and counting…….One playoff win.

  9. Falcons should take a QB or trade out of it.

    With so many 2nd tier receivers standing out of recent, I would think Cincy would go LT. Easier to draft a LT in round 1 and a WR in round 2, than vice versa. Kinda football 101 and I’m preaching to the choir here.

    I would also think the Dolphins would go Pitts. A scrambling QB’s best friend is a mismatch hybrid. Pitts is going to always be open. Up to him to live up to it.

    This leaves the #1 LB’r (top rated plyer for many). or #2 LT for Detroit. History is pointless with a new regime but a top 10 WR has led to much failure in Detroit. Even when one of them is a slam dunk HOF’r. It might be hard to pass up on Chase but they need more that a #1 WR. Trade it to someone who needs that bump…

    PS: I love March madness (woman’s and men’s) and into the draft…

  10. Give Holmes the benefit of the doubt. He can’t possibly do worse than Quinn.

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