Report: Chiefs plan to let Orlando Brown play out final year of his deal

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins
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The Chiefs paid a high price to obtain left tackle Orlando Brown Jr. The Ravens get first-, third-, and fourth-round picks this year and a 2022 fifth-rounder from the Chiefs, while Baltimore sent its 2021 second-round pick and a 2022 sixth-rounder to Kansas City.

The Chiefs presumably didn’t give up that much for a one-year rental.

But Mike Garafolo of NFL Media reports that the Chiefs’ plan is for Brown to play out the final year of his deal.

“There’s no extension as part of this deal right now,” Garafolo adds.

Brown is due to make $3.384 million in base salary this season and count $3.6 million against the cap. The Chiefs could use the franchise tag on Brown to keep him off the free agent market next March.

The Texans ended up paying a premium price to keep Laremy Tunsil after trading two first-round picks for him. They signed Tunsil to a three-year, $66 million deal with $57.85 million guaranteed after waiting eight months to negotiate a new contract.

13 responses to “Report: Chiefs plan to let Orlando Brown play out final year of his deal

  1. So he is basically a one year rental for the chefs. I suppose Andy is realizing the windows is nearly closed.

  2. Giving up a first, third and a fifth this yr isn’t giving up a lot? Especially when their defense is still questionable – and it’s a one yr rental it seems anyhow? Sure thing. But hey if it gets them a rematch with Tampa then perhaps it was worth it

  3. They have the ability to negotiate later this season to try & get an extension completed. Their current Cap Space (+$11M) seems reasonable to allow such extension.

  4. The Chiefs have 11 million under the cap for the draft, not enough left over to give Brown more money.

  5. OBjr is indeed a beast – some Ravens fans claimed the wasnt as good against the pass as the stats show but Idk

    He will however bolster the run game, still think he’s a BIG improvement over a healthy Fisher

  6. Great move – they have addressed the weakest area they had. I expect them to repeat as AFC champs again.

  7. Best case scenario out of the draft is that we would’ve gotten a starter at LT at pick 31. Not very likely. The 2nd best scenario is that we get a great veteran starter that is young and a pro-bowler as well as we get a future starter at pick 58 which is very very likely and much cheaper as a 2nd rounder than a 1st rounder.

    Veach and Chiefs knocked it out of the park on this one. Likely we will get two young OL prospects out of the draft with one that can develop into a starter after one-two seasons behind these vets plus Niang, LDT, Brown, and Tuney as long term unit. A top LT will cost regardless and with Mahomes at QB we need to ALWAYS have a top LT.

    Another way in which Patrick Mahomes’ taking less money will pay off for years and years. WE will be contending for SB’s for the next 8-10 years. May win 2-4 more SB’s.

    After 50 years of rooting for my Chiefs in the wilderness it is GREAT to see this happening. Bravo Veach on the trade!!!

  8. The “11 million under the cap for the draft” comment is wrong. The $11 million number is the amount remaining after totaling the top paid 51 players currently under contract (prior to trading for Orlando Brown, Jr.). If the chiefs sign six rookies and they make the team (the top 51), then six players from the current 51 players will drop below the 51 player threshhold. The aggregate amount of the cap amounts for those six increase the cap space available. The remaining sum is available to sign the six rookies. The amount anticipated to pay six rookies is less than $6 million given that none of them will be a first round draft pick.

    There will be plenty of cap space to sign a long-term deal with Orlando.

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