Report: ESPN will keep same Monday Night Football announcers for 2021

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Steve Levy, Brian Griese and Louis Riddick will return to the Monday Night Football booth this fall for ESPN, Richard Deitsch of reports.

The trio became the full-time team in 2020 after calling the late game between Denver and Oakland in ESPN’s 2019 season-opening doubleheader.

Since Mike Tirico departed for NBC in 2016, ESPN has not had continuity in the booth.

Sean McDonough and Jon Gruden called Monday Night Football in 2016 and 2017. Joe Tessitore and Booger McFarland handled games in 2018-19 and were joined by Jason Witten in 2018

32 responses to “Report: ESPN will keep same Monday Night Football announcers for 2021

  1. Riddick is great and thinks fast but I’m not sure these 3 as a team rise to the standard we hope for on MNF. Plus they aren’t the heavy hitters NBC have for SNF, and Romo does his thing for CBS. ESPN is by far the most pedestrian alpha team for the big games and the bright lights of MNF.

  2. I remember when ESPN had the top NFL announcers, my how the might have fallen.

  3. Until last season, I never realized how much Louis Riddick & Brian Griese sounded so much alike.
    Neither of them is particularly distinguishable.
    ESPN needs to keep tinkering though..they might accidentally come up with a winning combination.

  4. They were alright. Anything that keeps the booger off my screen is an improvement.

  5. These guys did a great job last year. Brian and Louis make intelligent football comments as did Booger the year before and Steve Levy mans the ship well. Keep up the good work you guys! Long time fan.

  6. Griese is a rising star and one of the best in the business already. He does everything the overrated Romo does without the nonsense (i.e., talking about golf or starting a thought without being able to finish it). Levy and Riddick are solid. Best booth MNF has had since Cosell, Meredith, and Gifford.

  7. They were decent enough, but Riddick being a very disgruntled former employee and not bringing it to everyone’s attention was bush league.

  8. Steve Levy is meh. Riddick is ok. Griese is ok. Overall, so-so. Think im listening to a pro game with college level announcing.

    Joe Tessitore was brilliant on the epic Rams-Chiefs game. And Brad Nessler is great. Hope the games improve in quality.

  9. Thank God no Booger McFarland. In an age of stomach-turning sports broadcasters, McFarland was at the top of the “terrible” heap.

  10. I watched only one MNF game last season. While too small a sample size to rely on, my over all impression is as a trio they talk too much. There is nothing wrong with not saying anything from time to time. Every moment that the ball is not moving does not mean there is a void that has to be filled with talking.

  11. I read the headline, then had to read the article to be reminded who the MNF announcers were last year.

  12. Levy and Riddick are Great! Griese is a zillion times better than the oodles of ex-Cowboys littering the airwaves…Crisp,Competitive games don’t really need great announcers…It’s the blowouts that need broadcaster help

  13. Levy is a familiar and recognizable voice who has done a solid job on the play by play (to be honest, I felt the same about McDonough too). There aren’t a ton of those guys out there who aren’t already employed by the other networks (maybe Gary Thorne, but he’s not a football guy). I really like Louis Riddick as part of the team because he’s got player and front office experience and adds commentary without an agenda. Griese is okay, but it seems like he just duplicates Riddick’s spot to some degree. I view Michaels/Collinsworth as the gold standard right now, but MNF has definitely improved over previous seasons.

  14. Looks like another season of muting mnf if I watch at all….boy do these guys suck….all talk nothing worth listening to…why do they need 3 anyway…espn must not listen to the fans….like the guy said college anouncers for pro football….they are just like booger….whats the difference

  15. The best announcers make the game the centerpiece and are basically ignored — those guys accomplished that task just fine last year. I’m there to watch the game, not rate the dang announcers.

  16. call me crazy…but I think Larry David should be the third guy in the booth…

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