Stan Kroenke won’t sell Arsenal, charter member of failed soccer Super League

Arsenal v Everton - Premier League
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Fans of the Arsenal soccer club never really wanted Rams owner Stan Kroenke to own the team. They definitely don’t want him now, after the team was involved in the disastrous attempt to create a European Super League.

Via Sports Business Journal, Kroenke’s son, Josh, told supporters on Thursday during a “stormy meeting” that Kroenke won’t be selling the club.

“I believe we are fit to carry on in our position as custodians of Arsenal,” Josh Kroenke said. “We were put in a very difficult position by forces outside of the club. . . . I might be met with mistrust, I might be met with skepticism, but over time I hope to establish some sort of relationship with our supporter groups and show them that we are capable of taking our club forward.”

Josh Kroenke explained that, in attempting to join the Super League, ownership was “trying to safeguard the future of the club amid declining revenues resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.”

Few fans of the various sports teams held by Stan Kroenke embrace his status as the owner of the team. He doesn’t seem to care. Which may be one of the reasons for the prevailing attitude.

Regardless, Kroenke apparently will continue to own Arsenal.