Steelers CB Justin Layne arrested after Friday morning traffic stop

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Steelers cornerback Justin Layne was arrested in Lake County, Ohio early on Friday morning.

Multiple news outlets report that Layne was arrested after a traffic stop and booked at 3 a.m. He has been charged with driving under suspension, a speed limit violation, and having a firearm in his vehicle.

Layne is due to make his first court later on Friday morning.

Layne was a 2019 third-round pick by the Steelers. He has 25 tackles in 26 appearances with the team over the last two seasons.

Layne is subject to possible discipline from the league under the Personal Conduct Policy as a result of the arrest.

9 responses to “Steelers CB Justin Layne arrested after Friday morning traffic stop

  1. Just wait until the NRA starts defending this guy’s 2nd Ammendment rights!~

  2. When you’re not training or playing, live a boring life, guys. No good comes from cruising around at 3am…with a suspended license…and a gun in the car.

  3. If your license is suspended, why are you speeding around at 3 am with a gun in the car? I see why PFT won’t post wonderlics any more.

  4. I live in Florida, I always carry a firearm in my car since it’s legal here. I’d choose to protect myself and my family rather than to ask a policeman to put his life on the line for my family. Those who won’t protect themselves in my opinion are cowards. This young man has a vested interest in self preservation by carrying a firearm as he is a much higher profile target for criminals than those with more modest means.

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