Zach Wilson has asked Sanchez, Pennington, McCown what it’s like to play for the Jets

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It won’t become official until Thursday night, but BYU quarterback Zach Wilson is all set to become a Jet.

Wilson has contacted Mark Sanchez, Chad Pennington and Josh McCown to pick their brains about what it’s like to play for the Jets and in New York City, according to Aditi Kinkhabwala of NFL Network.

Sanchez was drafted fifth overall by the Jets in 2009 and played with them until 2013. Pennington was drafted 18th overall by the Jets in 2000 and played there until 2007. McCown played for the Jets in 2017 and 2018.

Wilson is expected to be drafted second overall by the Jets in the 2021 NFL draft, and they’re hoping he’ll be their franchise quarterback for a decade or more. By learning from people who have been there, Wilson is hoping to be ready to go as a rookie.

72 responses to “Zach Wilson has asked Sanchez, Pennington, McCown what it’s like to play for the Jets

  1. He has the biggest chance to bust based on team history alone. Poor kid would’ve been perfect for the 49ers…

  2. They responded by writing the word “career” on a piece of paper and flushing it down the toilet.

  3. Good for him. He has to have a plan in order to be successful — it doesn’t happen by luck at the NFL level. If I were him I would be concerned about the Jet’s front office, but happy they have Saleh as their new coach.

  4. That was not nice of Wilson. That group of QBs has probably been in therapy and trying hypnosis in an effort to forget their time with the Jets.

  5. What’s it like to be drafted by the graveyard of QBs? Ask Darnold too. The most recent victim.

  6. Zach Wilson: “Dear Sanchez, Pennington, & McCown….what is it like to play for the New York Jets?”

    Response from all three: “It’s where quarterbacks go to die, ruins careers, run for your life!!!”

  7. If this kid was smart, he would refuse to play for the Jets. It guarantees him a way better situation in San Francisco with Shanahan and that roster. He won’t, but he’ll wish he did two years from now.

  8. There is this long standing “story”about the Jets..Because they haven’t been to the super bowl since 1969 they are uniquely cursed and terribly run..they have played 4 championship games ..they have made the playoffs numerous times..I agree that Woody Johnson is clueless and the last two GM’s were horrible…but Chad Pennington and Mark Sanchez’s views on the Jets are irrelevant to the 2021 team..the Gm coach even the media is different ..If Zach Wilson has receivers who catch the ball ..offensivel lineman who open wholes for running backs ..and pass rushers who get the defense off the field on Third down he will have a good experience

  9. Then all three QBs tackled Wilson simultaneously and said “THAT’S what it’s like playing for the Jets.

  10. There still remains the distinct possibility that the Jets will pick Mac Jones. It is unlikely that they will pick Justin Fields because of health issue. 49er fans should not worry, because one of Shanahan’s friends has worked with Zach Wilson and Trey Lance. Shanahan has attended pro days of Mac Jones and Justin Fields. I am sure that Shanahan is watching a lot of film of all the quarterbacks he may have a chance to draft.

  11. Wilson should also speak to survivors of shipwrecks, plane crashes, and natural disasters to get similar perspectives.

  12. Jets hire a DC specialist as their new HC and decide to revamp the O. They could have simply done the smart thing by taking Sewell at 2 and giving their QB a star LT while allowing the new defensive minded HC to focus on the defense. Instead, they restart the O. These teams like Philly, Denver and the NYJ who keep burning early picks on QBs are just playing catch up every year.

  13. Each one of those guys played for completely different Management/coaching staffs, and he will play under a 4th different combo, so not sure how useful these conversations will be to him.

  14. I don’t know how good Zach Wilson is. The kid wasn’t a top 50 QB then goes on to play a schedule of mid-majors and now he is the 2nd best QB in the draft? This is such a Jets draft pick it isn’t even funny. Should have traded out and got the ransom for next years draft which will be a lot deeper.

  15. It’s good for him to get some expectations of the pressure and nature of the big city and the very blunt and frank NY way, if you don’t go in with proper expectations you can get caught off guard. Very mature move.

  16. That’s right haters keep making the same tired old same old jets jokes. Yeah this franchise earned a lot of the mockery. It’s all in the past now. A new era of jets football is unfolding with proper leadership and the johnson brothers finally letting qualified football people make football decisions. A new Jets narrative is on the way so embrace it or be mocked as you hold on to the same old jets nonsense.

  17. Ownership is horrible and could sink them no matter who the GM or HC is, but not one of those ex-Jets has played for the GM or the HC.

    This GM and HC have no relation to any of the Jets’ past and so far they have behaved very, very differently.

    Jet hating is a sport for so many fans of other teams. I am not playing that sport.

  18. Never ask a question that you know you won’t like the answer to

  19. Kid looks great in shorts throwing sans helmet and those wide bodies coming for his blood. Chance he has significant career: 1 in 7. Book it.

  20. He’d have a better chance to win a Superbowl with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

  21. patsrule says:
    April 23, 2021 at 7:30 am
    Good on Wilson for showing due diligence.

    Since Wilson really has very little say in all this, it’s not due diligence. It’s not his choice, so he’s screwed. The place you go is incredibly important. I’m a Pats fan, and I think if Brady had been drafted by the Browns, he probably would have been out of the league in 5 years, instead of growing into the GOAT.

  22. Such a disaster pick. Uber rich, entitled brat goes to city known for humbling even the strongest egos. Not going to end well. Jets should get smart and draft the niners guy Jones, and hold him hostage for Lance and some picks.

  23. If nothing else, it speaks well to his ability to prepare, which is a pretty important trait for a QB. Plus, living in a huge, East Coast metropolis is going to be a very different experience for a kid who’s never lived outside of Utah, so anything that prepares him for the culture shock is a smart move, and while they can’t give feedback on the coaching and football-related front office team that’s currently in place, there are a lot of people who don’t get cleaned out when changing coaching staff that they’ll be able to pass on info about that football fans don’t often think about – security, cafeteria staff, equipment staff, for example – that’ll make his life a whole lot easier there.

  24. I can only compare the situation to the Seattle area sports teams. Although it’s all about perspective. I mean, where else would a fan base anoint themselves a dynasty after exactly 1 championship?

    What other city would have the likes of Ken Griffey Jr., A-Rod, Buehler, Edgar Martinez and still manage to lose the franchise to Oklahoma City. OKLAHOMA CITY! LMAO.

  25. Hopefully this kid after hearing the horror stories contacted agent and is now working on how to tell the Jets “heck no I aint playin for you find someone else and quickly.

  26. Drafting a quarterback is always a crapshoot..but necessary..who would have predicted that Jacob Degrom not Matt Harvey would have been the Mets pitching star..Carson Wentz looked a sure thing..everybody said Josh Rosen was the most NFL ready..let’s see which of these five qb’s become the one

  27. Ruh Roh Kids gonna pull a Manning and simply refuse to go to a perennial loser and who can blame him? The N.Y. Jets are where promising young QB’s go to whither on the vine.

  28. Sorry but the comments on this board regarding Zach Wilson being an entitled rich kid are just plain wrong. Zach Wilson has worked his butt off to get to where he is. He drove 10 hours each way during the pandemic to work with his QB coach in California. He also worked Doordash at night to make spending money for his trip. He stayed at a teammate’s house in California, slept on the couch, and brought his own food so he wouldn’t burden the family.

    Zach Wilson is confident but he’s also humble in his approach. If you want to understand Zach Wilson the person and player better, watch QB21 and see what Steve Young says about him.

  29. Do the exact opposite of anything Sanchez says, take anything and everything Pennington says seriously and stay in touch with McCown during the season as a mentor and father figure.

  30. Chad Pennington was the epitome of a game manager and I mean that as a compliment. No he didn’t have the big arm, but he was steady and stable and had the Jets in the playoffs 3 years.

  31. Why all the negativity!Yes it’s Surly true that the JETS haven’t won a S.B since”69 w/ Broadway Joe @ the helm,& we’ve lost MANY close playoff games not to mention a few championship games, But remember this, winning originates from the top down by the Leadership & management of a team & the coaches it hires & the talent it brings to that team is what makes it a Winning team,I’ll be the first to admit we’ve had some NASTY luck the past fifty years to the point of Even I thought this is something else, a supernatural curse even perhaps, But if I’ve learned anything throughout my life the one constant is what goes up must come down,& visa versa,with that being said I like our new coach,(compared to Gase¡!!¡) New GM Douglas is slowly amassing talent, also I Truly believe that Z.Wilson could be the Savior of the JETS,IF they surround him w/ equal talent,Time will tell,It won’t be a instant overnight change,But in the long run,(which I believe douglas is wisely planning for) it’s going to bear fruit,perhaps not at first but down the road, Definitely,put it this way this is For certain not the same old JETS,Just have patience w/this regime,The patriots didn’t start there winning ways in a year w/belichick it took time to come to fruition & Rome wasn’t built in a day either,So stop all the pessimism & be optimistic for a change,I Truly believe this is the beginning of something Good, Especially after seeing wilson’s motto he always wears around his wrist (PROVE THEM WRONG!) that says it all for me.Time will tell just like the bucs, Every dog has its Day!!! Go JET’S!!!!

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