Justin Herbert doing his best to get Penei Sewell to the Chargers

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Joe Burrow said publicly he isn’t lobbying for former LSU teammate Ja’Marr Chase. The question is: Why not?

Kyler Murray had a draft suggestion for Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim last year and admitted publicly he would be “very fond of that pick” if Arizona selected CeeDee Lamb. The Cardinals selected Isaiah Simmons instead, but it didn’t hurt for Murray to give Lamb a plug.

Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert isn’t shy about his desire to see former Oregon teammate Penei Sewell to join him in Los Angeles.

The Chargers need a left tackle in the worst way, and Sewell is the draft’s best left tackle. However, that means Sewell isn’t likely to remain on the board when the Chargers select 13th.

“I’m doing my best [to campaign for Sewell],” Herbert told NFL Network. “He’s an incredible player. Whenever you get a tackle like that in the draft, he can change your program. Always a big fan and I’m an even bigger fan of the way he is off the field.”

Sam Tevi, who started 14 games at left tackle for the Chargers last season, signed with the Colts earlier this offseason. The Chargers do not have a good option to protect Herbert’s blindside.

14 responses to “Justin Herbert doing his best to get Penei Sewell to the Chargers

  1. Burrow likely isn’t campaigning for Chase because he’s smart enough to know that Sewell is the better pick.

  2. Herbert can have Chase for all I care. Burrow should only have eyes for Sewell.

  3. Fascinating how everyone thinks QB’s coming off their rookie years have all this power to demand personnel moves.
    Russell Wilson demands an explanation.

  4. I’d like to think Burrow is smart enough to not campaign for Chase because he knows that all of the weapons in the world won’t mean much if he doesn’t get time to throw and gets repeatedly blasted like he did last year. Cincy has to take Sewell if he’s there for them.

  5. Ozzie Newsome was a HOF tight end who eventually became a General Manager after he retired from playing. These guys could do the same. Then, maybe someone will pay attention to them when they speak. A good QB who’s also smart would probably recommend building up the defense. He probably feels confident he can move the team, regardless of who’s on the field with him, but he’s completely helpless standing on the sideline watching an inept defense try to protect a lead, or having to play from behind all the time and face blitzes. Contrary to popular belief, a great defense is actually a young QB’s best friend.

  6. Since his left tackle from last year left he isn’t stepping on a teammates toes lobbying for Sewell. If Sewell starts to slide the chargers should trade up a few spots to draft him.

  7. If anything Burrows needs help on the IOL – the tackles are good. Jonah Williams who is decent was basically a rookie coming off major injury and a former #11 overall pick. Plus they picked up Riley Reiff to shore up the RT position.

    Burrows would really help himself by getting rid of the ball quicker and quit playing hero ball.

    I would go Pitts or trade back to a needy team trying to get a QB

  8. Not a great idea for Herbert. If the Chargers get Sewell in the draft it means they moved up and traded a bunch of valuable picks to get him, including their 1st rounder next year. If Herbert is going to be a star in this league he will need all the good players the Chargers can draft. That’s how the NFL works. We already have one team in LA who gives up all their draft picks then blames the QB when they can’t win anything important.

  9. I’m campaigning for whoever BB picks since he always picks the right player go Pats.

  10. Chargers need to protect Herbert. Guy is a flat out beast. Best rookie QB I have since Tom Brady. But the Chargers are known to do dumb things but they have a flat out gem in Justin Herbert. loved him out of Oregon.

  11. touchback6 says:
    April 25, 2021 at 8:40 am
    I’m campaigning for whoever BB picks since he always picks the right player go Pats.

    N’Keal Harry
    Sony Michel
    Malcolm Brown
    Dominique easley
    Isiah Wynn

    ’nuff said

  12. I think Herbert can campaign for Sewell all he wants; 99% chance Sewell goes to Cincy.

  13. He should, been nothing but a failure, so far. Team did not make it to the playoffs. Talk to me then.

  14. For the love of God, please Cinci take Sewell, so my Dolphins are guaranteed Chase or Pitts!

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