Justin Jefferson is sticking with No. 18

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings
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The NFL’s decision to dramatically change the rules regarding permissible numbers opens the door for a major reshuffling by veteran players. If those veteran players are willing to buy the remaining stockpile of their current jerseys, at retail.

Count Vikings receiver Justin Jefferson among those who would be counting out a stack of cash to the NFL.

Jefferson has announced that he won’t be changing to 2, the number he wore in college. That’s a green light to keep buying his current No. 18, and confirmation that he won’t be.

As PFT reported on Friday, Vikings running back Dalvin Cook wanted to switch to No. 4. However, it would have cost him roughly $1.5 million to buy the remaining No. 33 jerseys. It’s not known

12 responses to “Justin Jefferson is sticking with No. 18

  1. I remember back in the old days when DB’s were confused as heck because they didn’t know if Paul Warfield or Charlie Taylor wearing #42 were running backs.
    Jefferson should change numbers. Nobody on defense will know what position he plays, and they’ll all be confused.

  2. Gee there is a guy lined up on the outside, he must be the center. Confusion give me a break.

  3. Oh thank God. If a seasoned and familiar veteran that has been around for as many years as Jefferson changed his number, it would cause mass confusion.

  4. I’d imagine there have been a boatload of #18 jersey’s printed making any number change prohibitively expensive. I suspect the Packer’s first rounder #10 could change jerseys about five times and it would only cost him about $67.00.

  5. philmccracken says:
    April 24, 2021 at 9:04 pm

    Someone needs to start a gofundme for these needy Vikings players.
    For Lombardi trophies……? 🤣

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