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A week from today, Texas A&M quarterback Kellen Mond will have his name associated with an NFL team. For now, neither he nor anyone else knows the team that will select him or the round in which he’ll go.

There’s a chance your favorite team will end up taking him. There’s an even better chance your favorite team will end up taking him if that team has an aging quarterback or an unsettled quarterback position.

So take a few minutes and get to know Kellen Mond. He spent a solid 25 minutes talking to PFT PM earlier this week. The interview also included a game of rock, paper, scissors and, eventually, another. After the second one, it became clear that Mond is not a fan of ties.

He’s a huge fan of Tom Brady. Mond regards Brady as not just the greatest quarterback of all time but the greatest athlete of all time. To hear his reasoning (and to learn how Mond and Brady already are similar), check out the interview.

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  1. That was a great interview. I’m impressed with this young man. Hope that he succeeds at the NFL level.

  2. If he’s still around at No.14, I hope the Vikings don’t take him. Viking Fan has been lambasting the Packers for taking a QB in Rd1 when they still had a game-changing, top-tier, highly-compensated, franchise quarterback and team leader already doing great things on offense. The Vikings wouldn’t want to mess up the same circumstances on their team.

  3. The only thing he has in common with Brady is what day he will be drafted on.

  4. Well, Mund is projected to be a 2nd round pick. So, the bears will trade this years 2nd and next years first to move into the T10 to draft him. Its Ryan Paces way. Mitch 2.0

  5. Mond would be a good pickup for a team needing a QB and waiting until late in the second round. He’s a long time starter on a good SEC team. He has progressed in each of his years in college. Mond also has a high floor–he’s not going to flop in the NFL. He may or may not develop into a top QB but he has everything it takes to be a solid NFL QB. You can win Super Bowls with those guys if you give them enough support.

  6. If he thinks Brady is the greatest athlete of all time, he’s not going to fo well on the Wonderlic.

  7. Jimbo QBs fail horribly in the NFL…
    I expect Mond to just be the next on that long list of busts!

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