Justin Herbert wants to “master the offense” this season

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
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Justin Herbert won offensive rookie of the year. He threw 31 touchdowns, 10 interceptions, had a passer rating of 98.3 and left no doubt he is a franchise quarterback.

But after going 6-9 in his 15 starts, Herbert was left wanting.

“It’s been a blur,” the Chargers quarterback told Taylor Bisciotti of NFL Network. “Obviously, it was a tough year. Didn’t win as many games as we would’ve liked. I think we got the talent, I think we got the guys, the staff members. So I’m really looking forward to it.”

Despite the rookie records and rookie accolades, Herbert knows he can play better than he did in 2020. New Chargers coach Brandon Staley said earlier this offseason that Herbert’s desire not to rest on his laurels is what makes him special.

“There’s a lot to improve on,” Herbert said. “I think if I could master the offense, if I could go to the line of scrimmage and have a plan of exactly what we’re going to do. I think I can always work on footwork as well, stepping up in the pocket, getting the ball out quickly. There’s a lot of stuff to cover.”

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  1. This kid is being hyped like he is the next coming of Brady and Rodgers. The truth is he won 6 games. On the other hand we have the most transcendent QB (who happens to be black) constantly doubted and vilified by the pundits both white and black (for clicks and to rile people up). Lamar is a winner. He wins football games consistently, damn his playoff record. The fact remains he has taken his team to the playoffs 3 straight years single handedly and won more than 75% of the games he’s played in! I can’t get over this naked bias so evident it makes me want to puke.

  2. Herbert had an abbreviated off-season, didn’t work with the first team offense in training camp, had no preseason games, and yet proceeded to have the best rookie season in history. Besides Herbert’s physical talent and a cannon of an arm, he makes good decisions, remains calm and composed under pressure, and devotes himself to learning the offense and preparing for games. And he can burn defenses with his legs as well. He is going to be a top 5 QB in 2021.

  3. It’s a TEAM game. Wins and losses are not always about the QB.

    Herbert had a 67% completion rate, and threw 3:1 TD:Int, which is excellent. And remember, Herbert was thrown in as the starting QB, with no notice.

    THe Chargers could have won more games, but they had a terrible defense.

  4. Ellicott
    Anyone can see Herbert is a much better passer than Lamar and has the potential to be one of the better ones in the league. Lamar has won more games because he has a better supporting cast. There is no need to make this about race just face the facts Herbert is better regardless of color…

  5. Throw for 4k yards and 30+ tds and go 6-9 like Matt Stafford… I agree with Ellicott. I’ll take lamar throwing for 200 a game and winning 10 plus games a year for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  6. Both Lamar and Herbert are different types of QBs who are playing well in their schemes. They’re damn good football players but really apples to oranges in play style.

    Lamar has an MVP
    Herbert has OROY

    Let the careers play out and then debate

  7. The difference between Herbert winning 6 games and 11 games as a rookie came down to:
    His head coach’s decision to punt in overtime in Week 2
    Coaching decision to hand off to a rookie RB in the closing secs of the 1st half in Week 4
    Badgley doinking a FG off the upright at the end of regulation in Week 5
    The position of KJ Hamler’s butt on the final play (and a defensive collapse) in Week 7
    Donald Parham bobbling a perfect throw from Herbert on the final play in Week 8
    Herbert played well enough to win every single one of these games. The losses are not on him.

  8. It’s funny people want to hold wins against herbert and prop up jackson. I don’t know why it has to be a comparison? If that’s the measure watson is a horrible QB. People defend Dak for the cowboys poor record. Tell me you’d still take tua over herbert and I’ll laugh in your face. If herbert continues upward he’ll be a top 5 or higher qb in this league.

  9. He’d be a lot closer to mastering it if it was going to be the same offense as his rookie year. But it’s not. Chargers took a big risk in changing up so much around a kid who had looked so good as a rookie and was clearly getting the system and feeling comfortable in it. Maybe he doesn’t miss a beat and just keeps improving this season but if he stumbles the Chargers will have to ask themselves if changing up literally everything was a wise decision.

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