Baker Mayfield on UFO: It’s real; I saw it; I believe

Getty Images

Baker Mayfield is a believer.

He was driving home from dinner with his wife, Emily, in Austin on March 4 when he tweeted about seeing a UFO.

The Browns quarterback doubled down Monday when asked about it, saying he has no doubt he saw a UFO.

“I’m a firm believer in UFOs and Sasquatch,’’ Mayfield said, via Mary Kay Cabot of “It’s real, I saw it. I’m glad the Navy finally confirmed some more pictures. Now everybody doesn’t think I’m as crazy. I believe.’’

Others on social media reported seeing the strange lights over Texas the night Mayfield tweeted.

“Almost 100%, Em and I just saw a UFO drop straight out of the sky on our way home from dinner,” Mayfield tweeted. “We stopped and looked at each other and asked if either of us saw it… Very bright ball of light going straight down out of the sky towards Lake Travis. Anybody else witness this?”

UFO sightings were up 51 percent in 2020 — during the coronavirus pandemic — from the same period in 2019, according to data from the National UFO Reporting Center obtained by The Wall Street Journal.