Bengals expect to draft “premier player” who is immediate starter, impact player

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The first three selections in the first round Thursday will be quarterbacks. A quarterback also could go at No. 4.

The Bengals, who draft fifth overall, are in a prime spot to draft the best non-quarterback or one of the best non-quarterbacks.

“Anybody we take with that fifth pick, the expectation is he’s going to come in and help us win immediately and play a big role. That’s the expectation,” Duke Tobin, the director of player personnel, said, via Tyler Dragon of the Cincinnati Enquirer. “We’ll have a vision for that guy. It won’t be a long development process for the guy we take there. His expectation will be to come in, be a starter and be a producer for us.”

The Bengals have drafted in the top 10 twice the past four years, selecting quarterback Joe Burrow with the No. 1 choice last year and receiver John Ross with the ninth pick in 2017.

LSU receiver Ja’Marr Chase, Oregon offensive tackle Penei Sewell and Florida tight end Kyle Pitts are potential picks for the Bengals. All three would step in as a Day 1 starter.

“We feel like we’re gonna get a premier player that can come in and really help us win immediately,” coach Zac Taylor said.

Frankly, that is the expectation with any top-five choice. Teams generally don’t use high picks for developmental players.

The Bengals, who signed 17 internal and external free agents, need help now, and they should get help now with eight selections in this weekend’s draft.

9 responses to “Bengals expect to draft “premier player” who is immediate starter, impact player

  1. If the first 3 picks are QBs then they have the 2nd non QB, so yeah, I expect him to be an impact player.
    I would take a star LT over a TE.

  2. They need to draft Sewell so he can protect Burrow for the next 10 years . Great teams build the lines up first then get the receivers later.

  3. I’m a Bengal guy. But to tell the truth, there are so many holes, anybody new should be considered a starter day one.

  4. They better get a “premier player” who is immediate starter and impact player at #4 when the first 3 picks will be QBs, if not they’d better fire the entire crew in charge of drafting!

  5. While there may be so many holes for the Bengals, none of them are worth addressing at #5. With Higgins and Boyd, you have two very good receiving options for Burrow. It’s only between WR(Pitts would effectively be one) and an LT. LT is the clear bigger need. It’s the more important position.

    And, as seen with Higgins and Boyd, receivers can be had later. If you feel you want to get Burrow more weapons that’s fine. But you can grab a guy in the 2nd or 3rd.

    Sewell and say, Rashod Bateman is a better duo than Pitts/Chase and say, Jalen Mayfield.

  6. People- We have a LT, Jonah Williams. It was our interior o-line play that was horrible. They are confident they can get starters in Rounds 2-3 there. That means Chase or Pitts(unlikely) at #5. If Chase should go #4, I think the odds of them trading back increases greatly.

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