Falcons may consider a Julio Jones trade

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The Falcons have said they expect Julio Jones to remain in Atlanta for the 2021 season. But that may change.

Peter King writes in this week’s Football Morning in America that the Falcons may put the framework of a trade together that would send Jones elsewhere, effective June 2.

By waiting until after June 2, the Falcons can create $15.3 million in cap space for the 2021 season and save the big dead cap hit for 2022, when the salary cap is expected to increase significantly.

The trade could not involve 2021 draft picks if it’s not going to take effect until June 2, but it could be agreed to this week.

King speculates that the Raiders, Patriots, Titans and Ravens are teams that might have an interest in trading for Jones.

A Jones trade is no sure, thing, but the Falcons may be more willing to do it than they’ve been letting on.

6 responses to “Falcons may consider a Julio Jones trade

  1. At 32.5 years old with all of the injuries Julio Jones has suffered over the course of his NFL career I’d be very leery in trading for Julio and by leery I mean I’d be very comfort in what I gave up to acquire him especially given the price tag that comes with any trade for Julio Jones. Don’t get me wrong Jones is a beast and still has some high level football left in him I just wouldn’t trade a 1st round pick to land him. AZ gave up a 2nd for a 27yr old Hopkins at the time, that’s about what I’d be willing to give up for Jones. I’d give a 2nd and a 4th to acquire Julio Jones.
    With Jones athleticism starting to wane I’d get in contact with Larry Fitz or Hines Ward soon if I were Julio to. Given that Julio Jones is relatively the same size as Fitz he has the same large frame and hands (though Fitz is a much better more technical route runner) that have allowed Fitz to extend his career by several years and dominate inside, Julio Jones could do the same if he has the drive & ability to reinvent himself. That’s on the horizon for Jones within the next 2 1/2 years or so as by the time he”s 34-35 he will have lost more than a step and will need to transition to the slot. If he can make the transition he can extend his career by 4-5yrs easily, which also would equal another 40-50+ million in career earnings for Jones which is nothing to sneeze at.

  2. He’s 32 and constantly banged up. If they end up taking Pitts, they might as well. Not sure what he could fetch at this point. Maybe a 3rd?

  3. Julio is a short term rental and a risky one at that. Injuries ams his speed has dropped big time. AZ should get him just so they could have Hopkins, AJ Green and Julio Jones. It’d de fun to watch fir a year.

  4. Not sure of a team left that could afford his $15 mil+ base salary. It would be foolish to extend a player who is getting more banged up every year. Only one of those 4 yr deals where the last 3 are dead cap if they can carry it.

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