John Lynch says he always will defer to Kyle Shanahan on quarterbacks

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If the 49ers truly still don’t know who they will draft at No. 3 overall Thursday night — whether they will take Mac Jones or Trey Lance — the decision will fall to coach Kyle Shanahan.

“A lot of people are always curious, and it’s something Kyle and I set out to do and I think it’s why this thing, for us, has worked so well is that everyone has in your contract: You do this. The draft is mine,” General Manager John Lynch said Monday. “But I told Kyle from the beginning that he and I are doing this together, and when it comes to quarterbacks, I’d be foolish, I believe, [to make the pick]. We have a head coach who’s also our offensive play caller. I will always defer to him. You know what’s cool about that is that Kyle I think respects my opinion enough. He always wants it. Ultimately, we arrive at decisions. We will and come Thursday we’ll have a pick that hopefully makes everyone proud, but that will judged in years to come. We’ve done our best to make sure it’s a great decision for this franchise.”

So who does Shanahan like?

He’s not saying.

“I feel good about five guys at three,” Shanahan said.

So everyone outside the team’s decision makers will discover the 49ers’ choice on Thursday night after the Jaguars select Trevor Lawrence and the Jets take Zach Wilson.

6 responses to “John Lynch says he always will defer to Kyle Shanahan on quarterbacks

  1. Trey Lance should be the 3rd QB taken – and there is no way the 49ers don’t know who they are going to take assuming Lawrence and Wilson go where reports have them going – hopefully this Thursday will be interesting – love seeing which teams reach and which prospects slide

  2. Same deal in ATL. The new HC there will get his man when they take Pitts at 4.

  3. Typical manager, defer all responsibility to someone beneath them, but you can be sure if their pick works out he will be touting his ‘decision making’.

  4. Smart career move. Kyle misses, them you vow to get a new coach that can find the guy! He hits, then you tout why it’s good to trust the team. It should be the coaches pick, but I still would hold the GM responsible.

  5. There’s only one guy that Kyle might value his opinion on QB’s more than his own, and that’s his dad. But it’s a QB league and I guarantee you Kyle has watched enough tape on the QB’s to have no doubt in his mind about which one he’s taking. I just hope it’s not Trey Lance, or the next big decisions might be Jed York’s.

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