Kyler Murray: We need to get the little things right

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams
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The Cardinals were 6-3 and looking like a good bet to make a run at the playoffs after DeAndre Hopkins reeled in a Hail Mary from Kyler Murray to beat the Bills in Week 10, but the season went the wrong way from there.

Arizona lost five of its final seven games and missed the playoffs for the fifth straight year. Murray said that he’s confident that the players the Cardinals have are capable of a better result in 2021, but that the team needs to stop “taking the little things for granted” if they are going to improve on last season.

“We started out hot, and we were kind of a team where you just didn’t know what we were bringing to the table each and every Sunday, just kind of going with the flow,” Murray said, via Josh Weinfuss of “Those organizations that are used to winning, they do everything right, and I don’t think that we are there yet. And I think that’s what we need to get to doing is, do everything right, the little things right. The little things matter in the grand scheme of things.”

Turnovers, third-down conversions, and red zone work were among the little things that Murray thinks need to be the focus if that playoff drought is going to come to an end.

5 responses to “Kyler Murray: We need to get the little things right

  1. I like watching this kid. But he is so small. I fear he will not hold up in this league. If he does not change how he plays. Last year was proof. I think the injuries will keep plaguing him with his style of play.

  2. Can’t wait to see how he does this year. Teams have figured out how to handle him and he needs to step it up a level in order to be successful. He is so talented but is so small that defenses have adjusted well. What a great season it will be for that division.

  3. It’s a QB league. The organizations that win have the best QB’s. Brady went to a team that hadn’t had a playoff win in 18 years, and won the super bowl. New England missed the playoffs entirely for the first time in 20 years, (except the season Brady missed with an injury). The Cardinals have a good roster, and they added some pieces. They also have a talented young QB. He makes a lot of his biggest plays with his feet, and that usually results in injury. If he can learn the QB position, he could be tough to stop. He doesn’t have to be Brady or Manning because he does have some awesome talents, but you’re probably not going to get very far with just your feet. Murray is exciting, but he needs to look in the mirror for the answers.

  4. He’s right. And he’ll lead them to the playoffs this year and make another pro bowl.

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