Orlando Brown Jr.: Patrick Mahomes shouldn’t have to run around because of me, period


One of the enduring stats from the Chiefs’ loss in Super Bowl LV is quarterback Patrick Mahomes running for 497 yards before throwing the ball or being sacked.

Mahomes often can make something out of nothing when moving around, but on that day, it was more like the quarterback was running for his life. He was sacked three times while the Buccaneers also recorded nine QB hits.

That game’s result was part of why the Chiefs rebuilt their offensive line this offseason, the latest acquisition being left tackle Orlando Brown Jr. During his introductory press conference on Monday, Brown noted that it’s his job to ensure that 497 number doesn’t come up again.

“I look forward to keeping [Mahomes] clean,” Brown said. “Whether he has a broken leg, healthy leg, healthy ankle — whatever the deal is, I look forward to keeping him clean. He shouldn’t have to run around because of me, period.”

Brown was overstating Mahomes’ surgery to repair ligaments in his left foot a bit there, especially since the quarterback is already out of his walking boot and hopes to be throwing by the end of the offseason program. But his general point makes plenty of sense — if he’s doing his job, then no one will see Mahomes habitually scrambling because pressure has emerged the his left side.

27 responses to “Orlando Brown Jr.: Patrick Mahomes shouldn’t have to run around because of me, period

  1. If you say so, pal. Lamar made you look great on run plays. But he ran for his life in the playoffs when they had to pass. You are totally unproven as a pass blocker. This is indisputable. The Ravens system has made a lot of marginal O-linemen look serviceable. Will see what you got in a traditional system.

  2. The chiefs will miss the playoffs and Mahomes will be sacked a career high number of times

  3. Still trying to ‘fix’ what was not really ‘broken’- just admit the Bucs owned you at the line and it wouldn’t have mattered who was there to block if you played 20 straight times.

  4. Welcome to the world of Rusell Wilson!
    Football is a team sport. Protecting the quarterback takes the ENTIRE offensive line. This kind of superman attitude is counter productive.

  5. Thanks Orlando, I’m sure the Chiefs will go undefeated this year because of you.

  6. Us in KC are Very Excited to have Orlando Brown protecting Patrick Mahomes Blind Side.

  7. The book is out on how to defeat chiefs. Double cover Hill and Kelce and they become an ordinary offense. Did not even score a TD in biggest game of year. Chokers……..
    Belichick’s defense will eat KC for lunch.

  8. I’ve noticed that Patriot fans flood every article about the Chiefs/Mahomes. I think reality is sinking in.

  9. It’s all about attitude and with that being said, I’m looking forward to seeing PM not run for his life but you’ll be owning it now Orlando.

  10. EDC converted a third round pick into a first plus more. We’ll see how it works out.

  11. People seem to be unable to differentiate the 31st pick in the draft with, say the 10th pick. They hear first round pick and and they overreact. The real question is would you prefer Orlando Brown or the 6th or 7th rated tackle in the draft. Brown did not give up a single sack at left tackle last year. I’m sure the ravens scheme helped but still a known commodity who gave up zero sacks vs. the 6th rated rookie tackle. The rest of the trade was simply a 3rd and 4th and next years 5th for a 2nd and next years 6th. So would you rather have a top 60 pick or picks just under 100 and well over 100. Pretty much a wash for two teams who do not have a bunch of holes to fill. I laugh at all the Chiefs hate. You know you made it when other fans scream how terrible you are gonna be. So keep on crying. We will see one of you when we play in our 4th straight championship game.

  12. You people who keep saying the blueprint is out on how to beat the Chiefs offense are hilarious. Get ready to eat those words. Hope they are really hard to swallow!!

  13. Yep, the blueprint is out, all you have to do is play them when the entire starting O-line is injured and the QB has a toe problem that will require surgery.

    Concerning the dynasty talk, they have been to 3 consecutive AFCCG winning two. And 2 consecutive Superbowls winning one. Still a little premature to talk dynasty, but I am confident they ALL started this way.

  14. Chiefs converted the 31st overall pick into a 24 year old, two-time Probowl offensive lineman. We will see how it works out.

  15. Do Patriots fans still think their team is relevant or something?

    KC isn’t worried about the Pats. The line was the reason they lost the SB, and they took aggressive steps to address that. They’re going to be a scary team, again.

    They should be favored to win the AFC, though the conference has some very strong teams now.

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