Reports: 49ers choosing between Mac Jones, Trey Lance at No. 3

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The intrigue that the 49ers created by trading up to the third overall pick in this year’s draft will finally come to an end on Thursday night.

General Manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan will reveal their choice, which everyone has expected to be a quarterback since the 49ers struck their deal with the Dolphins. There has been speculation about the Niners picking Justin Fields, Mac Jones, and Trey Lance at points, but it appears only two of those three are in play.

In this week’s Football Morning in America, Peter King has a mock draft sending Jones to the 49ers while noting that Lance is the other player under consideration. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media also reports that the team’s focus has landed on those two quarterbacks.

With Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson set to go with the first two picks, the 49ers’ selection will help set other wheels in motion in Cleveland on Thursday night.

19 responses to “Reports: 49ers choosing between Mac Jones, Trey Lance at No. 3

  1. Holy polar opposites, Batman. The NFL ready plug-and-play 12 year “solid starter”, or the kid with the potential to be either a superstar or a Trubisky-caliber bust. Lance would sell tickets and media copy but if they want to move on from Jimmy G and win games now, Mac is the guy.

  2. Neither of those guys are top 5 guys to me. Lance is a complete mystery and jones is a product of the school he played at. Even though Fields a big risk to bust, the reward if he comes close to ceiling makes him ok to draft that high. The niners would make a huge mistake taking Jones and Lance is just way to much of an unknown to take at 3.

  3. My opinion: The 49ers are showing late interest in Lance because they think it’s who Arthur Blanks wants, and they’d love to trade from 3 to 4 and get back some kind of extra pick, allowing the Falcons to move up to #3 and get their preference (Lance), while the 49ers still get their guy (Jones) at #4.

    We’ll see if it works.

  4. Neither of them are worth 3 first round picks. Nobody is. This trade will set SF behind for several years.

  5. It would be draft shattering if the 49ers shocked the world, and took a wide receiver with the 3rd pick, and not one of these maybe he’s gonna be the answer quarterbacks

  6. Jones makes the most sense if Shanahan wants a QB who can step in right away–which is likely. Jones is a classic pocket passer who has great footwork which is also something Shanahan really likes. As others have noted however, SF spent way too much to get the rights to draft one of the available QBs.

  7. It is either Jones, Lawrence or Wilson. No Lance or Fields. Period. Don’t want a Lamar Jackson clone or Russell Wilson clone.

  8. Desperate times…..another Ala QB or the hardly-proven QB of the Alabama of the FCS.

  9. To spend 3 first round picks on a guy you need to be 100% convinced the guy is going to be a superstar. No competent team trades up like this without KNOWING who they were going to take. You don’t commit 3 first round picks and then still have to debate who the pick will be.

  10. If it isn’t Justin Fields, Trevor Lawrence, or Kellen Mond – I really don’t care. I like Mac Jones, but I wouldn’t draft him #3 overall or give up that much draft capital for him. I don’t care how they justify it. You can get a Mac Jones in practically any draft. If you look at the top 3 QBs in the NFC west and the top QBs in the NFL as a whole they all have one thing in common. – ELITE ARMS. An elite arm should be the pre-requisite for the evaluation of top 3 NFL QB prospect.

    It’s going to be Mac Jones because he excels with his back to the defense, he’s an excellent processor, throws with anticipation, natural thrower, and all these other goofy NFL evaluation metrics that have failed NFL franchises for many moons and decades when evaluating QBs prospects coming out of college. All I have to say is…”good luck with that”. Enjoy your early playoff exist while I watch the Andy Reid’s and Belichick’s of the world dominate the league by drafting the most talented QB’d and build their offensive systems around their strengths.

  11. Tomorrow the Report will be 9ers focused on Mac Jones or Justin Fields.
    Wednesday the report will be 9ers focused on Justin Fields or Trey Lance
    …… and finally Thursday, it will be the 9ers will pick from either Mac Jones, Justin Fields or Trey Lance …………sigh …… smh

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