Shad Khan: No. 1 pick will define Jaguars for rest of my life

Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee Titans
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Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer said last week that team owner Shad Khan would make the decision about what the team will do with the first overall pick in the draft ahead.

That expectation that the Jaguars will select quarterback Trevor Lawrence has been in place for months and Khan told Albert Breer of that he’s been “really blown away” by conversations with Lawrence, but he wouldn’t confirm that the former Clemson star will be the choice. He’s more open about the gravity of the pick.

Khan said the selection is “gonna define us, certainly for the rest of my life.”

“The Jaguars, being among the two youngest teams in the league, I can talk about my nine years — it’s by far the most important time for the Jaguars,” Khan said. “That’s why I think having Urban leading the team, and where we ended up with the season, I knew that this would be arguably the most important decision I’d be making, maybe in my lifetime. How the stars aligned . . . it’s something that can really secure the future for the Jacksonville Jaguars.”

The future in Jacksonville will officially arrive on Thursday night and it’s hard to argue with Khan’s belief that his football legacy will be tied directly to how well the bets on Meyer and Lawrence play out in the coming years.

10 responses to “Shad Khan: No. 1 pick will define Jaguars for rest of my life

  1. just like with Blake Bortles at #3 the last time. Teams need to quit it with these Biblical proclamations, it only makes them look like fools…

  2. I think he’s making some pretty solid bets. So even if they go wrong, I don’t think anyone’s going to say he made the wrong decisions. Anyone else would have done the same in his shoes.

  3. They wouldn’t be picking number 1 if they drafted Lamar Jackson few years ago. Passing on Lamar Jackson set them back for years.

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