Some are betting on Justin Fields to go No. 1 overall, for some reason


The draft provides another universe of potential NFL-related bets. As to the top spot in the 2021 NFL draft, however, there seems to be no reason to bet on anyone other that Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

Indeed, the odds for Lawrence being the first overall pick continue to be -10,000, which means that a wager of $10,000 is needed to win only $100.

Despite the widespread belief that it will be Lawrence, some have actually placed money on the Jaguars selecting someone else. Via David Purdum and Doug Kezirian of, DraftKings has taken a $500 bet on Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields going No. 1 overall, at odds of 11-1.

Likewise, PointsBet said there have been more bets on Fields to be No. 1 than Lawrence. PointsBet’s odds for Fields are 35-1. As noted in the article, however, few would bet on Lawrence at such overwhelming odds.

A decision by the Jaguars to take anyone other than Lawrence would become one of the all-time draft-day surprises. Jacksonville has all but declared that Lawrence will be the pick, and the organization has done nothing to suggest that anyone else will be selected. With the move so closely tied to the manner in which the team is marketing itself locally and beyond, a gratuitous stunner like this probably would do more harm than good, angering those fans who have presumed since the Jaguars earned the top spot that Lawrence will be the top pick.