Terry Fontenot: If teams call about Julio Jones, we have to listen

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The Falcons could trade star receiver Julio Jones after June 1 to create much-needed cap space, Peter King wrote in this week’s Football Morning in America.

Falcons General Manager Terry Fontenot didn’t squash the report when asked about it Monday night, adding credence to the possibility.

“That’s one of those things when you’re doing things the right way as an organization, you have to listen if people call on any player,” Fontenot told Justin Felder of Fox 5 Sports. “We are in a difficult cap situation. That’s just the circumstance. It’s not a surprise for us. We knew the circumstance we were in. Our administration has done an excellent job up to this point getting us in position to be able to manage the cap. Yet, we still have more work to do. So, when teams call about any players, we have to listen, and we have to weigh it and we have to determine what’s best for the organization, and we have to handle everything with class. Obviously, that particular player we hold him in high regard. He’s special what he’s done and what he continues to do here, but we have to consider any player if it’s right for the team, because we have to do what’s right for the team.”

The Falcons can create $15.3 million in cap space for the 2021 season and save the big dead cap hit for 2022, when the salary cap is expected to increase significantly, if they wait until June 2 to finalize the deal. A post-June 1 trade could not involve 2021 draft picks, but it could be agreed to this week.

The Raiders, Patriots, Titans and Ravens are teams that might have an interest in trading for Jones, King speculated.

Jones, 32, played only nine games last season. He made 51 catches for 771 yards and three touchdowns.

But he is a seven-time Pro Bowler and twice has made All-Pro. Jones has 848 catches for 12,896 yards and 60 touchdowns in his 10 seasons.

21 responses to “Terry Fontenot: If teams call about Julio Jones, we have to listen

  1. Yeah, listen, then pay $MM for someone to take him from you! That contract is crazy!

  2. Sounds like the clock is winding down and they haven’t received any offers. By making this statement, it sounds like the Falcons are getting restless, and might give him away cheap.

  3. Every year it seems that top notch receivers are coming through the draft. Guys like Jones are well into the bank nines of their careers and have bad contracts. Thanks but no thanks on Jones.

  4. First off, he’s been an outstanding receiver. But he’ll be 33 next February. He only played 9 games last year. He’s coming off hamstring injuries (grade 2) which plagued him starting Sept 20. He may still be injured now for all we know which is why the ATL will “talk”. His first four years his longest reception averaged 80 yards. But four year ago those long receptions dropped into the 50’s and last year his long was just 44 yards. I don’t think he’s a number 1 WR anymore and he’s got $66 million still coming. On some teams he would be classified as a number 1 though. I can’t see Baltimore, they just signed Sammy Watkins. New England just signed Hunter Henry, Nelson Agholor, they have Meyers and have hope for Harry. So I don’t see them either. That leaves Tennessee which just lost Corey Davis to the Jets and the Raiders who lost Agholor to the Patriots. The Titans seem to have a number one in AJ Brown, but have little else in the cupboard. The Raiders are also without a number one, but if Renfrow can continue to excel and get even better, and Ruggs can develop to being that true 1st round pick and remain healthy, and John Brown and Willie Sneed can recapture the past, that can be good group. Lots of ifs with Ruggs. Not sure if Edwards will develop. I don’t know if you go all in with a guy like Jones and roll the dice with a trade. It depends on what they can get in the 1st round. The Raiders need OL, and defense. I think Tennessee.

  5. I love Julio, and I could defiantly see the Raiders signing him. However, I don’t think they should. They have much bigger needs on defense, and they have a decent WR core as is. They need to get the young WR’s (Ruggs and Edwards) more reps, and they need to get better and stay healthy, but they can get the job done.

    Besides, they have a # 1 receiver, TE Darren Waller. Gronk, Gonzalez, Kelse, Kittle, ect. have all proven that you don’t need a true #1 receiver, just complimentarily players. While I think Julio would still be effective, I just think the cost is too much, and would stunt the development of these younger players that they have on cheap contracts. So yeah, the Raiders will probably sign him, lol.

  6. Trade him he can’t find the end zone when you consider how much he gets paid. The cat from green bay put up 18 tds almost a third of what Julio has for ten years. Move him

  7. Julio is broken, he’ll give 3-5 ‘healthy’ games, several decoy games, and sits the rest. Retire while you can still walk.

  8. Cant image Julio would want to go to new England or Baltimore because of their qb play

  9. I’m thinking other teams are more likely to ring for the 4th pick rather than JJ.

  10. The phone will be ringing off the hook with calls from all those teams who need a solid starter on IR.

  11. Wow, lots of folks here “giving up” on Julio after this latest injury plagued season. I can promise you he didn’t want to be hurt. He’s generally held up well during his career, although I certainly acknowledge that he does tend to get knicked up more often than you’d like to see. What’s my point? Maybe he’s still got another really good year in him, even an All-Pro like year. I say if he’s 100% healthy, he’s still got it!

  12. The only way they move that contract is to attach it to the fourth pick. They would have to do something similar to the Goff deal

  13. Only 60 TDs?

    Megatron had 83 in only 9 seasons with less yards and over 100 less catches. JJ has always been a little overrated.

  14. I wonder how the Falcons view JJ. Do they really need that much value to get him off their books? Perhaps he could be part of a trade package for a QB needy team. Trade JJ and the #4 as a package. The “buying” team assumes his contract in addition to whatever other compensation is necessary to swap 1st rounders and perhaps a bit for JJ.

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