Court denies Beth Wilkinson’s request for expedited hearing on dispute with WFT

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Beth Wilkinson wants to accelerate the timetable for a hearing on a fight with the Washington Football Team regarding whether details regarding a sexual harassment case settled in 2009 will be disclosed for the purposes of her ongoing investigation regarding workplace misconduct. The team wanted to wait until June 2 for the hearing.

Neither will happen.

In a one-page order entered on Monday, federal judge Anthony Trenga denied the request for expedited briefing and an expedited hearing on the issue. Judge Trenga also canceled the hearing set for June 2, explaining that a hearing will be scheduled after briefs are submitted, and if the court determines that a hearing is necessary.

So there may be no hearing on the issue at all. Which means that there possibly won’t be an opportunity for the “disaster” Wilkinson’s attorney predicted. And there possibly won’t be an opportunity for the lawyers to squabble in open court over when the use of the term “disaster” was intended to mean.

Team owner Daniel Snyder hired Wilkinson last year to conduct an investigation regarding workplace misconduct issues. The NFL eventually assumed control of the investigation.