Jimmy Haslam: We were delighted to see the growth in Baker Mayfield last year

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The Browns picked up quarterback Baker Mayfield‘s fifth-year option last week, an action that was essentially guaranteed after Mayfield led Cleveland to its first playoff victory since 1994.

Mayfield has stopped the endless parade of QBs to play for the Browns since 1999. Now a contract extension seems like it’s not a matter of if, but when.

During a Tuesday press conference, Browns owner Jimmy Haslam was complimentary about Mayfield’s progress in 2020. But he punted the topic of a potential extension for the 2018 No. 1 overall pick.

“I think we’re all pleased to see the growth in Baker last year as a player and as a leader,” Haslam said. “I think we all understand how important quarterback is in the NFL, so we were delighted to see that. Baker deserves the fifth-year option and I think he and Andrew [Berry] have both addressed the possibility of things after that. And we’ll leave that up to Andrew to decide when that happens, but we’re real pleased with where Baker is.”

Haslam also noted that he’s excited to see what Mayfield can do in 2021 given the continuity of the same offensive system under head coach Kevin Stefanski and the same core of starters on offense.

Mayfield threw for 3,563 yards with 26 touchdowns and eight interceptions in 2020. He’s started every game for the Browns since Week 4 of the 2018 season, after replacing an injured Tyrod Taylor in the previous contest.

9 responses to “Jimmy Haslam: We were delighted to see the growth in Baker Mayfield last year

  1. There for a bit I was scared he’d go all Johnny Manziel but it looks like I was wrong

  2. Dear Cleveland,

    Don’t make this hard on yourselves. Does every team hold out hope that their QB is a top-5, future HOF kind of guy? Yes. Can everyone have that? No. Lock Baker up, surround him with a good line and running game, and see what kind of noise you can make in the playoffs for the next 4-6 years.

    An NFL fan that does not want to watch Cleveland transform back into the factory of sadness again, when they didn’t have to.

  3. Played one of the easiest schedules last year and lost to the Jets. Get ready for a 7 win season bandwagon fans.

  4. stairwayto7 sounds like another Steelers fan who is all upset that we made your team CRY.

    Yeah, I watch that clip all the time. Your team literally cried like babies when the Browns came to town and punched them in their Corvette Corvette.

  5. Allen and Baker were the 2 best QBs in that draft, and both are going to have long careers. People can hate all they want but indont see Lamar’s passing improving enough before his body gets broken down. Every 5 years we have the next great dual threat QB that’s finally going to be the one to revolutionize the game. If cams body couldnt take the beating, Lamars amd his 18 runs a game cant. Credit to the coaching staff for building an offense completely around one players skills. I know he put up good passing numbers in year 2 blah blah, if lamar had a bum knee or ankle and didnt have the threat of taking off running, he might be the worst passing QB of the 32 teams starters. Also no I dont want to see him get hurt, it’s just what’s happened every single time.

  6. That was quite an astute observation by Jimmy Haslam…considering the fact it was Jimmy’s fault Baker had almost zero continuity in an ever revolving head coach/coaching staff and front office in his first 3 seasons. The NFL just feels healthier when the Cleveland Browns are on the right track in building a contending and competitive roster.

  7. Its great seeing Steeler fans crying about the Browns. All NFL fans love it when the Browns are revelant again.

  8. The new Jimmy Haslam is great because the less involvement he has the better. Can you imagine if Andrew Berry and Paul Depodesta were listened to years ago? Then you wouldn’t have stupid experiments like Hue Jackson being forced to coach teams who wouldn’t even qualify for a decent high school team or an all star team being coached by a guy whose resume only included being a position coach on bad teams in Freddie Kitchens.

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