“Not legitimate” to say Jerry Jones is infatuated with Kyle Pitts

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Football Team
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Plenty of people have given glowing assessments of former Florida tight end Kyle Pitts in the last few months, but Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said one attributed to him isn’t quite correct.

During a Tuesday press conference, Jones said that Pitts is the kind of player who can help a team win a Super Bowl but that it is “not legitimate” to say that he’s infatuated with the player because of the implication that comes with that phrase.

“It’s a distortion for this draft and where we are there,” Jones said. “It implies something that’s just not the case. We’re not going to go in there and spend inordinate value to maneuver up there so we can get Pitts.”

Signals from the Cowboys have pointed in the direction of defensive help with the 10th overall pick and, given the way many expect the first nine picks to go, Jones noted that the team may get the best defensive player in the draft by staying put on Thursday.