PFT’s one, and only, mock draft of the year

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Mock drafts are like opinions and bungholes. Everybody has one and they all stink, except maybe your own.

We used to do umpteen versions of mock drafts. That was before I developed a thorough and complete hatred of them. In recent years, we’ve shifted to a one-shot mock draft, with no concern for accuracy and no pride in authorship. Especially since I have now exported the assignment to a seasoned scout who currently is not employed by any team but whose credentials would not be questioned if his name were to be mentioned.

I thought about tinkering with his selections. But then I realized that I just don’t care. If any of these picks are right (and the first two are virtually guaranteed to be), the anonymous, unattached scout with no skin in the game gets the credit. For all that are wrong, I’m sure to still get the blame.

Again, I don’t care.

So here’s our one and only mock draft, with responsibility totally abdicated to someone who knows how to put together a draft board far better than I ever will.

1. Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence, quarterback, Clemson.

The odds for Lawrence to go No. 1 are currently -10000. They should be even lower. The Jaguars have done nothing to suggest that the pick will be anyone but Lawrence.

2. Jets: Zach Wilson, quarterback, BYU.

Ditto in this spot. It’s been Wilson for weeks, and the Jets have done nothing to suggest it will be anyone else. Wilson becomes their latest effort to develop a true franchise quarterback.

3. 49ers (from Houston via Miami): Justin Fields, quarterback, Ohio State.

Yeah, the 49ers reportedly have narrowed their pick to Mac Jones and Trey Lance. Until they make the pick, however, anything can happen. Maybe something surprising will occur, as the 49ers strike the balance between the need for someone who can play now against the reality that the fans will lose their minds if it’s Mac Jones.

4. Falcons: Penei Sewell, tackle, Oregon.

Momentum has built in recent days for tight end Kyle Pitts. But here’s a crazy thought — Sewell as a Quenton Nelson-type for the Falcons, moving to guard at the next level and mauling people in the running game, while keeping the middle of the line sealed up in the passing game.

5. Bengals: Kyle Pitts, tight end, Florida.

LSU receiver Ja’Marr Chase makes plenty of sense if Pitts is gone. For a team looking for weapons for quarterback Joe Burrow, Pitts instantly becomes the guy they’d once hoped Tyler Eifert consistently would be, and then some.

6. Dolphins (from Eagles): Ja'Marr Chase, receiver, LSU.

I’ve heard for weeks that the Dolphins would take Alabama receiver Jaylen Waddle over Chase, if both are available at No. 6. But since I didn’t put this list together, I’ll defer to the guy who did.

7. Lions: Micah Parsons, linebacker, Penn State.

Coach Dan Campbell wants kneecap biters. Owner’s special assistant (who has plenty of influence) Chris Spielman surely values the linebacker position. This pick fits with exactly what the Lions seem to be looking to do.

8. Panthers: Patrick Surtain II, cornerback, Alabama.

They’ll be tempted to take Mac Jones here, but they’ve made the investment in Sam Darnold. If anything, their hesitation to exercise the fifth-year option on Darnold may be aimed at trying to get a team to jump in front of them to take a quarterback — and to push a player they really want farther down the board.

9. Broncos: Alijah Vera-Tucker, guard-tackle, USC.

The Broncos need to address the quarterback position. They can do that by trading for Teddy Bridgewater. They can help whoever their quarterback will be by adding a flexible piece to the offensive line.

10. Cowboys: Rashawn Slater, tackle, Northwestern.

The once-stout offensive line has gradually been falling apart. Despite having plenty of needs on defense, they need to address beefing up the blockers before it’s too late.

11. Giants: Devonta Smith, receiver, Alabama.

Bedeviled for years by DeSean Jackson, the Giants get a DeSean of their own. The offense goes next level, and the return game becomes dangerous.

12. Eagles (from 49ers via Dolphins): Jaylen Waddle, receiver, Alabama.

Many think they’ll go for cornerback Jaycee Horn. To get the most out of quarterback Jalen Hurts, they need to give him weapons. And, yes, given the presence of 2020 first-rounder Jalen Reagor, the Eagles would have a three-Ja(y)len attack.

13. Chargers: Jaycee Horn, cornerback, South Carolina.

The Chargers have a solid front seven but need help on the back end, although it would be tempting to take an offensive lineman here, in order to better protect the franchise quarterback.

14. Vikings: Christian Darrisaw, tackle, Virginia Tech.

Edge rusher is a pressing need, but too much is invested in the offense to not address the needs on the offensive line, especially with Riley Reiff gone.

15. Patriots: Mac Jones, quarterback, Alabama.

Bill Belichick is trying to win now. Jones could help New England win more later.

16. Cardinals: Kwity Paye, edge, Michigan.

I’ve heard they’ll take Zaven Collins in this spot if Waddle, Horn, and Surtain are gone. But I’ve decided not to deviate from the formulation created by someone other than me.

17. Raiders: Jaelen Phillips, edge, Miami.

The defense needs help. Jon Gruden could be tempted to take a look at rookie quarterback Trey Lance, but Gruden strongly prefers veterans.

18. Dolphins: Azeez Ojulari, edge, Georgia.

Gregory Rousseau also is a possibility here. Regardless, the Dolphins address an area of defensive need.

19. Washington: Greg Newsome II, cornerback, Northwestern.

Even with William Jackson III added in free agency, more corners would be useful for an improving defense that is on the verge of becoming one of the best in the league.

20. Bears: Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, linebacker, Notre Dame.

The Bears pride themselves on great linebacker play. Owusu-Koramoah would eventually succeed Danny Trevathan in the starting lineup.

21. Colts: Trevon Moehrig, safety, TCU.

A solid defense gets another piece in an area of moderate need.

22. Titans: Kadarius Toney, receiver, Florida.

With Corey Davis gone after only four years, the Titans replace him with another target to complement A.J. Brown.

23. Jets (from Seahawks): Asante Samuel, Jr., cornerback, Florida State.

The Jets address an area of pressing need with the son of a former Patriot.

24. Steelers: Trey Lance, quarterback, North Dakota State.

The Steelers are all in on trying to win in 2021, but will they be able to say no to a guy who could take the baton from Ben Roethlisberger? I’ve heard they’ll take Alabama running back Najee Harris or Tulsa linebacker Zaven Collins in this spot. But if Lance slides, Art Rooney will have to decide whether to give his third coach since 1969 the team’s fourth first-round quarterback since 1970.

25. Jaguars (from Rams): Tyson Campbell, cornerback, Georgia.

Urban Meyer addresses an area that had been an area of extreme strength a couple of years ago.

26. Browns: Terrace Marshall, Jr., receiver, LSU.

Another LSU receiver joins a team that has two of them, in Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry. Beckham could be entering his last year with the team; if healthy and effective, don’t be shocked if he’s traded before the deadline.

27. Ravens: Alex Leatherwood, tackle, Alabama.

With Orlando Brown gone, Leatherwood fills the need created by the trade.

28. Saints: Carlos Basham, Jr., edge, Wake Forest.

The Saints address a need created by the free-agent departure of Trey Hendrickson.

29. Packers: Jamin Davis, linebacker, Kentucky.

A center is also possible here. (Hopefully, they’ll draft at least one receiver this year.)

30. Bills: Najee Harris, running back, Alabama.

If the Steelers take Harris, Clemson running back Travis Etienne could be the pick.

31. Ravens (from Chiefs): Gregory Rousseau, edge, Miami.

Calais Campbell loves Rousseau. They’ll potentially be teammates.

32. Buccaneers: Zaven Collins, linebacker, Tulsa.

I personally think he’ll be gone by this spot. If Bucs get him, they could try to make him an edge rusher and/or let him become the heir to Lavonte David. His size and skills and versatility would potentially make the Bucs defense dominant.

79 responses to “PFT’s one, and only, mock draft of the year

  1. There is NO WAY that Trey Lance falls to even Washington, let alone to Pittsburgh!!!’n

  2. Penei Sewell at 4 to the Falcons to play guard? Hey, why not have Dermontti Dawson come out of retirement so the Chargers can trade up to 10 and have him protect Herbert’s blind side?

  3. Despite decades following the sport I’ve yet to see any major mock draft survive past maybe the 6th pick. The entire thing is a stupendous waste of time and I applaud you for not giving any more energy to it.

  4. I just don’t see Mac Jones making it past the Broncos. Elway is probably more desperate than he leads people to believe to get a QB pick right.

  5. The Jets could blow up everybody’s draft board by simply taking any of the other quarterbacks not named Zach Wilson, and that’s a distinct possibility this is the Jets we’re talking about.

  6. Nice job Florio. This is the best mock draft I’ve seen so far. I don’t think Fields is that good, but nobody gets more out of a QB than Kyle Shanahan, except his dad.

  7. I see why your “seasoned scout”(Simms) is “not employed by any team.”

    This mock is hilarious. Thanks for the laughs.👍

  8. This mock is hilarious-but that’s bc Florio don’t care. Alsso, easier to win March Madness then a 7rd nfl draft contest

  9. Niners got to take Mac Jones – if he goes to Pats/BB, Bills will have trouble., and heck yeah – let Etienne rock the rock in the Bills backfield! Billieve!

  10. The top guy always gets the blame, never the credit — but that’s ok — it’s the price we pay to be the top guy. Top guys know that.

  11. The only mock draft I will be interested in will be the one held on Thursday. Oops, that is the ACTUAL draft. We’ll see how well these experts do.

  12. My first round mock to be unveiled Friday morning. Bet you it’s the most accurate.

  13. All I know is I enjoyed the heck out of the draft last year, was going insane in what I thought had already been a long lockdown (remember, it was supposed to be gone by Easter?!) The virtual format was pretty cool, I thought.

  14. Wow, the Steelers get Lance, that would be interesting and probably the best spot for him.

  15. Despite not playing except for 1 game last year, it seems hard to imagine Trey Lance sliding all the way to 24. i mean, Jordan Love was drafted in the first round and he had an underwhelming Senior year to say the least. plus theres the whole, “this draft has more unknowns than any other” narrative that’s out there.If lance does slide to 24, then the Steelers totally make sense as a team to take him IMO.
    Seems a bit early for the Broncos to take a Guard / tackle, but while they have a few guys who have filled in at different spots on the line, not a ton of experience between them. they probably do need another, not to mention right Tackle is not solidified at all, except for in the checkbook, who knows if Ja’Wuan James is gonna do anything worthwhile this year.
    I think the 9ers are taking Fields. My hunch is that’s been the plan this whole time, or at least since they moved up to 3.

  16. If the Packers were smart they’d get the WR Rodgers deserved last year, this year. A little goes a long way.

  17. Every mock draft will be very wrong. This one mixing it up could very well be the most accurate. I can’t wait until Thursday.

  18. I loved that this mock is waaaay different than any others I’ve seen. Then I saw the Colts pick. Safety?????

  19. I would be disappointed with another defensive player for the Panthers this early after last year, but it’s a hard spot to choose between a blue chip DB or a smallish OT in a guy like Slater. This team needs an LT in the worst way and have for nearly a decade.

    As far as the mock goes, it’s nice to see a different approach to the draft. Mine stopped at pick 8.

  20. God bless your hatred for mock drafts & the complete absurdity of the same people mocking them over and over, professional journalists & fan posts god forbid the worst!

    I respect your media obligation of a mock draft and appreciate just one. They are the only mocks I enjoy reading.

  21. Let’s find out if shanahan is actually a developer of qb’s with fields…

    That would be good to see but his dad ruined one QB, RGIII.

  22. There is NO WAY that Trey Lance falls to even Washington, let alone to Pittsburgh!!!’n

    Like Aaron Rodgers wouldn’t fall to 24. Marino can’t get to like 27 or whatever it was. Trey Lance shouldn’t be drafted in the first round. Trubisky draft tells you this. He has only 17 starts total, played 1 game last year. There just isn’t enough film.

    However a team always over reaches for a QB and his possible upside is to good to pass up, but could he fall like this yes. One of them probably will. I think with the recent Epilepsy admission it will probably be Fields though.

  23. Steelers will spend this pick on someone who can help them win in 2021. Not another guy who can hold a clipboard. They made that decision when they signed Ben. The Steelers are not wishy washy dramatic types. They have a plan and they will stick to it.

  24. Not a bad mock. Anyone complaining about mocks drafts, its just for fun. Do you not like fun?

    Finals draft thoughts.
    1. If Fields goes to the right team, he will be the best QB in this draft. Personally i would like to see him fall to the Pats, but SF would be a great spot and he will thrive there.
    2. Etienne is the most underated player in this draft and he will win rookie of the year. Love that kid.
    3. Collins is the most underrated defensive player in this draft. I love him in tampa. Perfecr fit. He is my pick for droy.
    4. Every team that drafts a wr that is not Chase will regret not taking Bateman.
    5. Pitts is the most overrated player in this draft. He will be a good te but not nearly as good as people make him out to be. He struggle to block in the nfl and will also have issues getting open against guys just and fast and strong as he is in the nfl. Be wary of the college player who is good because of physical traits.
    5. This draft is super deep. Multiple players taken in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounds will be all pro type guys. This will go down as a top 10 draft of all time.
    6. Howie Roseman will make arrogant picks in an effort to prove he smarter than everyone else and those picks will fall flat as always. Yet, he will not held accountable and the new coach will be fired before he is and i will pitch a little fit about it.

  25. Everything flo gives her opinion on is comedy gold. She just doesn’t know it, which makes it funnier.

  26. I can’t see the Bears passing on any of the top 5 QBs if one of them is still available at No. 20

  27. Rather than focusing on a 3 Ja(y)len attack, Philly should be focusing on jailin’ Philly Phans.

  28. I wouldn’t be upset if the WFT went with a solid corner but they should go best player available be it LB FS or Corner , someone is bound to slide , maybe QB if one is there but please don’t go chasing after one 🙏🏻

  29. If both Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah and Trey Lance is there at 19 for Washington Football Team, they are taking one of them. Just some perspective from someone who follows the team.

  30. I’m guessing the term “mock’ could be a verb in this case..But hey…all will be revealed thursday night,and as wacky as this one is..we’ve seen sillier.
    There’s a reason there is “one and only” !!

  31. What a joke, all these mock drafts and everyone has three(Fields, Wilson and Lance) want-a-be QBs going before Trask?


  32. I don’t have a issue with the Lions picking LB, the problem is tnat every linebacker theyve take early has been a bust..:since Ernie Sims back in ‘08 and possibly earlier. Deandre Levy was the best LB the Lions have had recently and he was a mid round pick. What this team really needs is OL/DL. This is the beginning of an epic rebuild and this team will be ready to compete in 2-3 years if they do this right (thanks again Rams!!)

  33. It would be absurd for the Steelers to pick Lance. They need a RB and OL to win now.

  34. If OBJ is healthy and effective why would a team competing for the playoffs even remotely consider trading him?

  35. A more interesting mock, given that you don’t take them seriously, would be to put the names of the top 50 prospects in a hat and pick 32 of them. Give each team a player in the order picked. Who knows, maybe a random selection wouldn’t be too far off. Also, I loved the comment on the last pick, Collins, where you “don’t expect him to be here”. It’s your mock, if you don’t expect him to be there put him where you expect him to be!!!!!

  36. Packers haven’t drafted a center in the 1st rd since Lombardi did so that won’t happen we need T’s , WR’s , CB’s , 3-4 DE’s let’s try something new and draft towards our needs somebody wake up our clueless GM .

  37. Tell me why you’d trade 3 1st picks to draft a QB no one else wants until around the 12th pick at the earliest it would not only be a highly questionable pick but it’d be like paying $20.00
    for a gallon of milk the 49’ers brass would look totally incompetent .

  38. Washington needs a linebacker. I’m guessing this mock draft was done via dartboard.

  39. Mock drafts can be fun, that’s what this is all about, right? I’m all-in with Florio about them being a waste of time. Everybody does them these days and, frankly, by the 700th one I’m starting to get worn out a bit.

  40. Do you really think that WFT will take a CB or Bears will take a LB if Lance is still on the board? No way.

  41. This Packers pick is right. They’ve needed a roving LB for a while and they never seem able to come up with one. Get the linebacker then fill in the other needs. Just don’t take a K, P, or QB for the love of god.

  42. There is a 49er jersey waiting for Trey Lance, but it does not have his name on it and he will have to buy it from a retail store.

  43. The Packers need a linebacker like a fish needs new legs.

    Dire needs at OT, CB and DL and mid-draft a wide receiver.

    Better luck next year.

  44. charliecharger says:

    April 27, 2021 at 8:49 pm

    Nice job Florio. This is the best mock draft I’ve seen so far. I don’t think Fields is that good, but nobody gets more out of a QB than Kyle Shanahan, except his dad

    Let’s be honest, if there was ever any thought this was a good mock(which there DEFINITELY wasn’t) those thoughts would fly out the window when Charliecharger agrees.

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