Ryan Pace: Bears are ready for every scenario if a first-round trade is available

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Right now the Bears have the 20th pick in Thursday night’s NFL draft, but General Manager Ryan Pace is ready to make a move up or down.

Pace said today that there’s less consensus within his draft room about what to do at No. 20 than there was the last time the Bears had a first-round pick, when they chose No. 8 overall in 2018. (Chicago traded its 2019 and 2020 first-round picks for Khalil Mack.)

As a result, Pace said the Bears will explore all opportunities, whether trading up or down.

“As an organization, we got to be ready for every single scenario,” Pace said, via Chris Emma of 670 The Score. “Whether it’s trading up, staying put, trading back, all those things are in play for us.”

Pace knows that if the Bears don’t improve this year, he may not have a job next year. So no one should be surprised if Pace is willing to trade away future picks for an opportunity to make a splash on Thursday night. Pace wants to draft players who can make a difference right away.

12 responses to “Ryan Pace: Bears are ready for every scenario if a first-round trade is available

  1. Bears fans don’t think you’re hesitant to make a Draft Day trade, they just know it will be terrible if you do.

  2. For those intrigued by the headline, but not quite enough to wade through the story, allow me the honor of distilling it down to its essence:
    There will be a draft on Thursday, and apparently the Bears plan to participate. There’s less consensus than there was the last time they messed up a draft, and it appears they may trade up, trade down, or stay put at their designated spot.
    Thank you, Ryan Pace, for that insider’s glimpse of what may happen on Thursday. Or may not. I feel almost as though I’m right there in the war room with you.

  3. “We’ve analyzed all possibilities and are confident we can be fleeced in any trade in any scenario.”
    –Bears Management

  4. Don’t forget to check your Diary from Mitch’s Draft … don’t screw it up again!!!

  5. The Bears are screwed……Either they move up and trade picks in desperation and ruin the team for the next 5 years……Or they stay where they are do not get enough players that can make a difference and stay irrelevant……The only real move is to trade back with someone like the Jaguars and accrue additional 2nd, 3rd, and 4th round picks and hopefully hit on a bunch…..The Jags want 5 year contracts so they would be amenable to trading up to pair another 5 year contract with Lawrence…..Timing is everything when landing that “franchise QB” as Sam Darnold and the Jets have figured out recently……I hope the Bears get better…..But I highly doubt it and hopefully they do not get significantly worse because of Pace…..His SPIN with the McCaskey’s has run it’s course and he knows it……I think he is going to get desperate…..and for the Bears…..That sucks…..

  6. What a mess. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if Pace traded the 20th pick to Buffalo in exchange for MT.

  7. Things you’ll never hear a GM say days before the draft “we aren’t prepared for any scenario”

  8. Hello Ryan it’s Bean from Buffalo we’ll give you our first (30th) and Mitch for your 1st (20th)..(Pace hangs up)..Boys we got our quarterback!!!

  9. Hearing Ryan Pace is about to do your draft is like hearing Edward Scissorhands is about to give you a physical.

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