Ryan Pace: Our QB room would be a good one for a rookie to enter

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The Bears signed Andy Dalton as a free agent this offseason in a move that may have given them their starter for the 2021 season, but didn’t really address the long-term outlook for the position.

Nick Foles is the only other quarterback on the roster and neither player fits the bill of a quarterback who could be expected to hold down the spot for years to come. That’s left the Bears as one of the teams who might be in the market for a quarterback during this week’s draft.

At a Tuesday press conference, General Manager Ryan Pace said he thinks there’s good depth a the quarterback spot in this year’s class and that having a pair of veterans on hand would make the team a good landing spot for a rookie.

“I think our QB room would be a good place for a young player to enter. But again we are going to take the best players in this draft,” Pace said, via Zack Pearson of 247Sports.com.

The Bears currently have the 20th overall pick and the general expectation is that five quarterbacks will be off the board by that point. Pace said moving up is an option and it may be an appealing one if Pace thinks he can land a quarterback that will improve both the team and his chances of continuing as the G.M. in Chicago beyond the 2021 season.

19 responses to “Ryan Pace: Our QB room would be a good one for a rookie to enter

  1. Can’t believe he said that with a straight face. That whole coaching staff would make it a terrible place for a rookie QB to walk into.

  2. I don’t think anyone in the Bears organization is qualified to even “mouth” the word QB.. That being said, they do tend to give every starter a fair shake before moving on.

  3. Did he just double-down on his incompetence? Trying to spin the nightmare he’s created for the QB situation into a good thing? Wow. Maybe he should resign Glennon as an insurance policy to make sure this new rookie they’ll land will be successful.

  4. The Bears should lock Pace in a closet and only let him out after the team drafting 18th is on the clock. He is too impulsive with his penchant for trading up. He needs to be patient and see how the draft shakes out. Trading up to get the 4th or 5th best QB in draft is such a loser move. Take best player and 20 and draft a QB in second round. Bears will suck this year anyway to they’ll have a top 10 spot next year if his 2nd round QB sucks. He only has himself and Nagy to blame for being in this situation.

  5. The Chicago Bears really haven’t had a true franchise QB since Sid Luckman. And I think every Bears fan would admit that Jim McMahon’s mouth far exceeded any thing he accomplished on the football field. Ryan Pace will never take true responsibility for the Bear’s disgraceful QB room over the past 4-5 seasons.

  6. I continue to wonder why, when they took Mitchell Trubisky so high just a few years ago, and he was starting to play well in their system, they dumped him for Andy Dalton?! It seems to make little sense?

  7. Derrr… no. Just no. God help the QB the Bears draft this year. No rookie can succeed in Nagy’s system. For that matter, no veteran can either.

  8. I mean, it really is a good room. They’ve chairs and carpeting and everything. And all the leftover Trubisky gear you could ever want.

  9. The last time Ryan Pace and the Bears moved up in the draft to select a QB .. how did that one work out?

  10. Wonder what the odds look like for when Dalton gets yanked for Foles then Foles gets yanked for Dalton then Dalton gets yanked for the rookie QB so Nagy and Pace have a place to lay blame on another failed offensive output. Just because Nage worked for Reid doesn’t mean he can coach, just look at all off BB’s assistants or even Saban with college.

  11. Jim McMahon was not a great QB, even in the Super Bowl win year. However he was absolutely correct in stating that Chicago is the place where QB’s go to die.

  12. Like most Bears fans, I’m literally dumbfounded that Pace gets yet another chance to bungle a QB draft pick and potentially, spend multiple picks in the process again. He must have pictures is all I can say.

  13. I love my Bears, but HELL NO!! Neither he nor Nagy have a clue. Ask Money Mitch how that went…

  14. A person posting above wrote this “And I think every Bears fan would admit that Jim McMahon’s mouth far exceeded any thing he accomplished on the football field.”

    At one point Jim McMahon won 31 of 33 starts at QB for the Chicago Bears. An NFL record. His Super Bowl team – many consider the best NFL team ever – led the league in scoring yet they are remembered for their defense which was actually better in several categories in both 1984 and 1986.

    You can watch a You Tube video where Hall of Fame QB Steve Young talks about the things he learned from McMahon, and the things McMahon could do.

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