Buccaneers sign Antonio Brown

Super Bowl LV
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Antonio Brown is back in the fold.

The Buccaneers and Brown agreed to a new contract early this morning. Brown’s agent told NFL Network that it’s a one-year deal with $3.1 million guaranteed and the opportunity to make up to $6.25 million.

Tampa Bay has now brought back every single significant contributor from its 2020 Super Bowl-winning roster.

Although Brown wasn’t the All-Pro receiver in Tampa Bay that he had been in his prime years in Pittsburgh, he was still a solid contributor and a player Tom Brady very much wanted back, and down the stretch Brown scored six touchdowns in his last six games.

In this era of free agency and the salary cap, it’s unprecedented for a Super Bowl-winning team to bring back its entire roster. The Buccaneers believe they have a roster that can bring it all back, all the way back to Super Bowl LVI.

59 responses to “Buccaneers sign Antonio Brown

  1. Remember when they signed him last season and the usual crybabies said “he won’t last 3 week” , “he will ruin the locker room”

    Yeah they were WRONG about that too.

  2. They have a Super Bowl roster. They better get a Super Bowl caliber backup QB just in case or it’s a wasted year.

    Go Bucs !

  3. Last years numbers in 8 games:

    45 receptions
    483 rec. yards

    Not to bad when extrapolated over 16 games:

    90 – 966

  4. As a Bucs fan I’m still completely stunned that they’ve managed to bring back all of their key contributors from last year.

    Far be it from me to buy into any hype of “running it back” but they’ve set themselves up nicely to at least compete for the division title this upcoming season. Now all that’s left is the draft tomorrow.

  5. One day TB12 will look mortal for a senior citizen. Until then, good luck with #7.

  6. AB is very fortunate to have Brady’s support, and even more so that the Bucs want him back. Don’t blow it this time AB.

  7. Brady has brought his cheating ways to Tampa. Now the Bucs are cheating the salary cap.

  8. The Bucs seem to have figured out how to manage his craziness. That said, he also has a lot of miles on him, but he doesn’t need to be the go-to guy anymore. He will definitely add value if he (like the other vets past 30 on their squad) can remain injury free. They had good luck with injuries last year and need that to continue to have a good chance to repeat.

  9. I really don’t see this working out well on offense for Tampa. Every skill position player outside of WR1&2, are really old veterans. If Toms play drops off too much, and going on 44 years old it will drop off, this team could be staring at 6-10. That’s the floor I give them, I give them a ceiling of 12-4 , and that would require the defense to continue the tear they were on in the playoffs. As much as I prefer Tampa with TB12 over 90% of the field, I feel like the odds of them repeating are extremely low. I feel like KC starting offensive line today would’ve , and will this season, result in Pat Mahomes throwing 3TDs 1 in every 5-7 quarters. Pat Mahomes desire to, and ability to put a entire offense on his back is really what I learned last February. Tampa should try drafting a edge rusher and blazing fast nickel corner rounds 1&2 in case they’re fortunate enough to gget a rematch this year.

  10. Actually have a question: Where does the money come from? Whose contract was restructured?

  11. Every Super Bowl winner dreams of winning two in a row but it rarely happens and it wont happen this year either. while the Buccs may have brought back their entire roster their competitors have gotten better and injuries have not yet set in and wounded their roster.alot has to go right for them to repeat and as in most years it just dont happen in the NFL.

  12. Literally the only place this works with TB to control him. Kudos to the rest of the league for the wisdom to avoid an almost certain train wreck.

  13. the salary cap really is a joke…based on what tampa has done no team should ever not be able to bring a player back and use the salary cap as an excuse…

  14. Every season for every team has a number of things that have to go right in order to win all the games you do. Many things you can’t control… Lucky bounces, opponents missing field goals, playing a team when they have key players hurt.

    None of those are things a team controls, but they occur none-the-less.

    Tampa Bay (just like every other successful team) had their share of these go their way last year. It’s just statistics.

    I suspect they will be very good again this year, but I also suspect the odds will catch up with them and they will NOT repeat as SB champs.

  15. Prediction: Brady’s going for an undefeated season and a SuperBowl ring to put icing on the cake. Then he’s going to retire and remain the greatest of all time for all time. Most of the other veterans who have signed with Tampa for less than they could get elsewhere have the same plan because Brady’s been a bug in their ear about this goal ever since clobbering the Chiefs a few months ago. A lot of these vets are serious dudes who are more concerned about legacy than money at this point, and they’re going to go for it. It won’t be easy, but it may be possible. I know I’d like nothing better than to see the Dolphins get knocked off the “undefeated” perch they’ve been obnoxious about all these years.

  16. It’s not so much Brady’s “control” over Antonio Brown that has made Brown’s time in Tampa stress-free. It’s something more basic: Brown wants Brady to think well of him. He doesn’t want to disappoint his friend.

  17. All this wide receiver diva garbage started with Terrell Owens. Long gone are the days when we had gold standard wide receiver professionalism with Jerry Rice. And Wide Receivers often forget…they are completely dependent on QBs getting them the ball.

  18. More depth in a very crowded and talented receiving corp. Plus we have to admit AB did the best out of his restrained utilization. For a team that wants to repeat, the loss of 1 or 2 key players, weather it’s Evans, Goodwin, and yes, Gronk, could hinder the task.

  19. A Full Season with AB Gronk Howard Brate Fournette Goodwin Evans Seriously.I think Brady is the Goat but really sick and tired seeing him in the Superbowl and if everyone remains Healthy I can’t see them not going to the Superbowl.This is nuts

  20. Rohanz2000 says:
    April 28, 2021 at 9:08 am
    The Bucs FO is legit

    LOL, The Bucs front office? They are simply riding the coattails of the GOAT, and no real credit other than TB signing over the average FO…
    If Brady goes down, they are the Pats…6-10

  21. Now if only luck shows up again maybe they can repeat. You see every Superbowl winning team had luck on its side, because in order to win that title a team has to stay healthy all year long, and that requires a little luck.

  22. Bet it burned Brown’s ego to keep reading all those ‘they brought everyone back!’ stories BEFORE he signed. Afterthought.

  23. Bucs can basically take massive risks with all their picks this year. No point thinking about the future when they have so much cap pushed out to 2023 and beyond. If I were them, I’d just trade the picks for some proven veterans of the money works out.

  24. zimreapers says:
    April 28, 2021 at 9:02 am
    I really don’t see this working out well on offense for Tampa.


    Well I guess they should simply forfeit all their games then

  25. Tampa Bay may not have him for the entire season because he may be suspended by the NFL for personal conduct. He settled to civil suit accusing him of assault but setting is virtual admission of wrongdoing.

  26. They overpaid. 31 other teams with a soul and moral compass clearly don’t want the guy. Tampa could have had him for a dollar.

  27. “Now the Bucs are cheating the salary cap.”

    All it takes is a quick look at overthecap and while the Bucs are close they still have 934k in cap space.

    While this is not enough to sign the rookie pool and they’ll have to make further moves to do so, no, they are not “cheating the salary cap” SMH

  28. Would rather lose than have him on my team or in a community that I care for. Somethings are more important than football.

  29. I don’t get all the complaints about the cap. Every team has to play by the same rules and there is no “cheating the cap”, it’s simply working within the rules. The Bucs will be over once Brown signs, but they have several players they can restructure (read: convert salary to signing bonus) to give them nearly $10 million in space after the Brown contract.

  30. steelerdeathstar says:
    April 28, 2021 at 9:43 am
    How is TB managing the salary cap? Just curious re/their cap situation?

    Bucs fan here. I’m excited about this year while knowing their chances of repeating are 50/50 at best. There’s a lot of luck involved.

    Anyway, to answer your question, they’ve restructured a ton of contracts converting salary to bonuses that can be amortized over the life of the contract. So it’ll all fit this year, but there’ll be some hell to pay in the future. By then, Arians, Gronk, Suh, JPP, Lavonte David and Brady will all be retired. Hopefully Jason Licht can find the secret sauce to keep us competitive during some lean cap times.

  31. All the people crying about the Bucs cheating the salary cap are hilarious. Meanwhile, the QBs of their teams are taking $10 to $15+ million more in salary than Brady and crippling their team financially. I guess that’s rocket science to some.

  32. I recall just one year ago, TB fans hated AB, blasted Pittsburgh and Oakland for having him on their team. Now they love him. Classic front running.

  33. flash1224 says:
    April 28, 2021 at 8:10 am
    Remember when they signed him last season and the usual crybabies said “he won’t last 3 week” , “he will ruin the locker room”

    Yeah they were WRONG about that too.
    Things are good when you’re winning. So those people were only right 9 times out of 10. Give it time.

  34. Bucs currently have like $300k in cap money, some restructuring gonna happen. Anyhow, they got better and better throughout the season, and I don’t believe there’s a team in the NFL they wouldn’t be favored to beat

  35. aberfoyle says:
    April 28, 2021 at 9:04 am
    Actually have a question: Where does the money come from? Whose contract was restructured?
    Cameron Brate had his contract was restructured.

  36. Want to be winners seek out winners. Fiscally smart players have more money then they will ever spend in their lifetimes. NOW is the time to get as many rings as you can before you have to hang up the cleats and Love him or Hate him, Tom Brady is the Pied Piper of ring collectors.

  37. Last years numbers in 8 games:

    45 receptions
    483 rec. yards

    Not to bad when extrapolated over 16 games:

    90 – 966

    17 Games would be 1026 yards.

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