George Paton: Teddy Bridgewater adds competition and experience

Carolina Panthers v Green Bay Packers
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The Broncos made their trade for quarterback Teddy Bridgewater official on Wednesday afternoon.

Broncos General Manager George Paton issued a statement to go with the announcement that confirmed that the Broncos will pit Bridgewater and Drew Lock in a competition for the starting job. The Broncos could add another participant to the mix during this week’s draft.

“Acquiring Teddy Bridgewater adds competition, experience and a strong veteran presence to our quarterback room,” Paton said. “He’s a talented player and leader who’s had success in this league in a number of different situations. Being familiar with Teddy from Minnesota, he’s going to compete and do everything he can to help us win.”

Bridgewater is coming over from the Panthers in exchange for a sixth-round pick and Carolina will be picking up $7 million of Bridgewater’s $10 million in guaranteed money.

10 responses to “George Paton: Teddy Bridgewater adds competition and experience

  1. Let’s hope Denver gets “New Orleans Saints Teddy” and not “everywhere else Teddy.”

  2. They aren’t a playoff team with or without him. Maybe best to just go with Lock and if he fails then at least you can get a better draft pick next year. What’s the point of going 7-9?

  3. They are dumping lock and drafting somebody tomorrow. This is not a “hey we need to push Lock” move. That makes no sense. It’s a clear signal they are not moving forward with lock with a new GM. This is a “we need a veteran for our new rookie to learn from” move.

  4. When Fitzpatrick retires, will Teddy be the new staple back-up/occasional starter?

  5. What QB will be left on the board at #9. If someone falls to them, they can ride Teddy for a year. That’s the most viable solution at this point. But since Elway took over they STILL haven’t drafted a QB and developed him.

  6. The Panthers end up paying Teddy Bridgewater $31M for 15 games of work. Safe to say Teddy is living his best life and I also would like his Agent.

  7. Raise your hand if your scared that Teddy is on the other side of the ball facing your team. Not me

  8. I have seen as little from Locke as I have from Darnold. Teddy in Denver with those weapons could be a beast. But how’s their OLine? I honestly don’t know.

  9. At this point in his career it might be better if Teddy becomes a career backup. He could play for 4-5 more teams over the next 10 years, and make over $100 mil in his career.

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