Looking at the all-time great draft-day free falls

70th NFL Draft
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Wednesday’s PFT Live included, as it always does, a draft. Today’s draft, as it usually does at this time of year, looked at a subject related to the draft.

With Simms’ mock draft projecting a Justin Fields free fall to No. 32 (the PFT mock has Fields going No. 3), we had an inspiration. We drafted the top draft-day free falls of all time.

Take a look and a listen. Then take a minute to address in the comments any free-fall options that free fell out of our three-round draft about draft-day free falls.

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13 responses to “Looking at the all-time great draft-day free falls

  1. Anyone dropping Fields out of the top 15 has no credibility. QBs are over drafted ever since the rookie wage scale. If Paxton Lynch and Jordan Love go in the 1st round Fields is a top 5 pick.

  2. I remember the Dolphins had the #2 overall pick and picked the back-up running back from Auburn ,Ronnie Brown, over QB Aaron Rodgers. Nick Saban was the Dolphins head coach then & he seemed to only want to draft college players from the SEC. Somehow Rodgers slipped in the 20’s before Green Bay moved up to pick him.

  3. Brady Quinn’s free fall was fun to watch.

    Mel Kiper lost his mind when Jimmy Clausen fell out of the first round.

  4. “Anyone dropping Fields out of the top 15 has no credibility.”


    The only Ohio State QB to amount to anything is Kirk Herbstreit, and it was for broadcasting and not football.

  5. Simms says foolish things sometimes no way he gets past Denver but if he were to miraculously be there at 16 Gruden would not pass on him if he does Tomlin,Rivera or da bears pouncing on him….

  6. Aaron Rodgers was the worst one I can remember. Poor kid hoping to go #1 ends up rotting in the green room for hours before he’s picked. It all worked out but that must have sucked, just sitting there with cameras watching you get passed over.

  7. Just off the top of my head:

    Dan Marino – Weed rumors + low wonderlic

    Warren Sapp – Weed rumors (looked like a very angry man-child on stage)

    Randy Moss- Attitude rumors (or truths)

    Shaun Alexander – I still hate the Giants for picking Dayne

    Joe Montana – Arm strength

    Aaron Rodgers – Me Me Me attitude (Hmmmmm) + Not highly recruited from HS

    Brady Quinn – Media Hype

    Jimmy Clausen See Above

    Matt Barkley – See Above

    Calvin Johnson – BECAUSE OF QB’S. Yes going #2 was ridiculous. Only better lock was Lawrence Taylor, who also went 2nd when the Saints picked RB George Rogers (who was pretty good).

    RAS I Dowling- Oh wait, that’s an opposite story…

  8. Thurman Thomas falling all the way to #81. ESPN had cameras at his house, and when he was finally picked — five hours later — they had to wake him up to let him know the Bills were picking him.

  9. Tom Brady… shoulda been 1/1 … fell to 6/199… gotta love hindsight

  10. Ras-I Dowling. Forgot about him. First player in second round. Played 2 games for the Patriots. On of BB’s biggest whiffs.

  11. Depends on how you look at it. Moss, Marino and Rodgers dropped but they were still first round. La’el Collins was a first round graded guard but due to being arrested, wasnt drafted. A steal as a free agent. Curtis Martin had first round talent but due to an ankle injury his senior year, fell to the third round. How were LeGarrette Blount and Adrian Foster not even drafted ?

  12. Maybe humble pie is just what some of these players need to fuel their careers.

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