Panthers trade Teddy Bridgewater to Broncos

New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers
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Teddy Bridgewater is on the move.

The Panthers have traded Bridgewater to the Broncos for a sixth-round draft pick, according to multiple reports.

Carolina will also take on a portion of Bridgewater’s salary to facilitate the deal.

In Denver, Bridgewater will likely compete with Drew Lock for the starting job. It’s still possible that the Broncos will draft a quarterback on Thursday night, but this trade makes that less likely.

Last season Bridgewater started 15 games in Carolina, completing 69.1 percent of his passes, with 15 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

33 responses to “Panthers trade Teddy Bridgewater to Broncos

  1. Solid trade for Denver, they get an upgrade over Lock and don’t have to force the QB issue in the 1st. Not quite sure what BPA might be for them but now at least it doesn’t 100% have to be QB.

  2. Teddy’s good enough to manage an offense and the Broncos are loaded with WRs. Good line too. Could be interesting if Lock finds his way out of the starting job.

  3. Oh well, I hoped he would back up Zach Wilson. Good guy and can win you a game or two off the bench. I don’t think this takes Denver out of the QB market tomorrow night though.

  4. I always liked Bridgewater, I hope he gets to ride the horse on the Broncos’ QB carosel for a while.

  5. A bargain.
    Carolina practically forced Denver to take him.
    I would have at that price.

  6. The one consolation Bridgewater has is that his mediocre career is way better than the non existent career Johnny Manziel had who was picked over him.

  7. Good move for the Donkeys. They can surely go BPA throughout the draft and avoid using their first pick on a potential bust QB.

  8. When Teddy has a good line he can be extremely efficient. Teammates love him.

    But he can’t throw downfield.

    He’s very much a replica of case keenum.

  9. Bridgewater deserves better then this. He is a team player


    Maybe if he wasn’t so mediocre he would have better than this. But he’s not so here we are.

  10. 1: Zero chance Bridgewater usurps Lock as starter. 2: No one has ever said “well fellas, we can kick back and skip drafting a QB this year,we have Teddy Bridgewater” nor WILL anyone in the NFL utter those words.

  11. Great move for the Broncos. The organization is all about competition. They are going to compete and get better!

  12. Lock’s got a great arm and a lot of talent, they just need to be patient and let him grow. He was playing without his #1 WR, Courtland Sutton, last year.

  13. Not good. They had the worst QB in the division, they make a trade and STILL have the worst QB in the division. SMH

  14. Bridgewater was never anything more than a serviceable stop-gap starter or a capable backup. Exactly the type Rick Spielman would spend a first round draft pick on, in other words.

  15. High altitude = 25 yd passes now possible


    For Teddy he would need a running start and a stiff wind behind him

  16. The Panthers will regret this move unless they are drafting a QB.

    Teddy Bridgewater > Sam Darnold

  17. Hey…maybe in a few years the Bills let Josh Allen to get away and either Denver or Carolina can sign him as a free agent…Big maybe though…

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