Pete Carroll: Russell Wilson is “as jacked as he has ever been”

Seattle Seahawks v Cleveland Browns
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John Schneider and Pete Carroll talked for more than hour Wednesday. The overarching message: There is nothing to see here.

The Seahawks believe they have repaired the relationship with their franchise quarterback, but Russell Wilson‘s feelings are unclear. Does he feel the same?

“Right now he is as jacked up as he has ever been,” Carroll said, via Curtis Crabtree of KJR Radio and PFT. “He’s in the process of turning over a new offense, stuff that is different from the past and things that we’ll need to learn. He is totally after it, doing a great job. His mentality is strong and his conditioning is right. He’s doing a great job.

“Things were said. Things were said and sometimes you have to deal with stuff and that’s how we take care of our business. We’re in a fantastic place right now and really excited about this team.”

The Seahawks’ brain trust cast the drama as media-driven. Yet, it was Wilson who publicly expressed his frustration, and Wilson’s agent, Mark Rodgers, who listed four teams for which Wilson would waive his no-trade clause.

Carroll said what might have looked like a problem “really wasn’t a problem.”

“Right from the beginning, I was talking to Russ,” Carroll said. “We spent hours on the phone over this offseason talking and we worked at stuff and understood the topics and the subjects. There really wasn’t a problem, you know. There’s nothing to put the pin in to me other than the fact there was a couple things that he said and he realized how volatile the simplest of responses are.

“I had made a clear statement to Russ, ‘let’s just shutdown and be quiet on this stuff. We don’t need to say anything. We know the truth of what’s going on.’ When [Rodgers’ comment] came out, that got a little over the top, and it opened up some other conversations that didn’t need to happen, and that’s an example of why we’re quiet and why we don’t say anything. It was so meaningless because it had nothing to do with what was going on. It just gave another little bite that people could talk about, and I wish we would have avoided that. That’s what I’m saying.”

Wilson will have his own questions to answer about his relationship with the team. That presumably will come sometime during on-field work in the organized team activities.

Does he still want to be in Seattle? If so, for how long?

Much of the frustration in Seattle stems from the team’s postseason failures since back-to-back Super Bowl appearances in 2013-14. The Seahawks are only 3-5 in the playoffs since 2015, failing to get beyond the divisional round.