Report: Patriots talked to Falcons about trading up to No. 4, likely to draft Justin Fields

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With one day to go before the 2021 NFL draft, talk is heating up about the potential for a blockbuster trade.

The Falcons, who own the fourth overall pick, have been the focal point of some trade speculation, and the biggest report comes from Jeff Howe of, who writes that the Patriots have spoken with the Falcons about the fourth pick.

Any team trading up that high would be doing it for a quarterback, and in this case it appears that the quarterback the Patriots love is Ohio State’s Justin Fields. Most projections have Fields still available at No. 4, with Trevor Lawrence going first, Mac Jones going second and either Mac Jones or Trey Lance going third.

What would the Patriots have to give up to get the fourth overall pick? The 49ers had to give up their third-round pick this year and their first-round picks in both 2022 and 2023 to move up from No. 12 to No. 3. The Falcons would probably ask the Patriots for something similar to move up from No. 15 to No. 4.

Making a trade up that big would be out of character for Bill Belichick, who has generally preferred trading down and acquiring additional picks rather than mortgaging the future with a blockbuster trade up. But if the Patriots even had a conversation with the Falcons about the fourth pick, that’s a strong sign that the Patriots are eager to find their next franchise quarterback, and they may think Fields could be their man.

58 responses to “Report: Patriots talked to Falcons about trading up to No. 4, likely to draft Justin Fields

  1. a move like that could completely ruin BB’s legacy, reducing him to a twice-fired head coach who was nothing without Tom Brady.

  2. Nah Pats want another Gronk in Kyle Pitts, they can get a QB anywhere in the draft. Kellen Mond, Kyle Trask etc. Or trade for a QB draft night.

  3. Most projections have Mac Jones going 2nd?!? That does sound like a very Jets thing to do but I’m still not buying it.

  4. The Jets are no longer sold on Zach Wilson? They have been reporting for months that he is as good as signed.

  5. I call BS. Falcons are trying to create demand for their 4th pick against ANOTHER team and using the Patriots as bait.

    If this was actually true, neither side has anything to gain by leaking the information to the media. And only a very close circle of maybe 3-4 guys would have known of such a “call” being made.

  6. Didn’t the 49’ers also give up their 2021 first round draft pick. I know it is semantics, but they technically traded that pick as well.

  7. But why doesn’t Bill wait until the 6th round to draft his franchise QB? Won’t that be a lot cheaper than spending 1st round money?

  8. I’ll believe it when I see it. seems to me the Pat’s did pretty well with a former 6th round pic. plenty of decent QB’s in the middle rounds

  9. Why is it that every year we hear about these big time trades… and then nothing happens.

  10. Falcons not getting the interest they expected, so they are trying to drum up some takers.

  11. I am doubting this. The Pats look under every rock. Just because they’ve spoken to them doesn’t mean it is happening.

  12. Moving from 15 to 4 would be insane given that the reward is Justin Fields.

  13. Falcons tell media: “The Number 4 pick is for sale and there is another bidder. Taking all calls!”

  14. There was another report that the Lions called ATL to move up for Chase (which would have caused a riot here). Looks like the Falcons are trying to get someone to bite.

  15. That would be a blockbuster.
    This sounds like when the Patriots were interested in Baker Mayfield a couple years ago. See how far that went.

  16. His tape against Indiana makes me think Fields would be a solid pick in the 5/6th round.

  17. I could see it happening if Stephon Gilmore was involved in place of the future first rounders. The falcons pass D was horrible last year, so it might make sense. Otherwise BB will never give up the necessary draft capital to move up

  18. He wants Kyle Pitts. I would find it highly improbable that he would trade up for a QB. He wants a sure thing talent.

  19. There was also a report that said the Patriots were firing Bill, and hiring Adam Gase… we’ll see tomorrow

  20. alphadux2u says:
    April 28, 2021 at 5:13 pm
    Mac Jones going 2nd AND 3rd. Clearly the guy has been underestimated.


    I would vote this up at least twice if that were possible.

  21. I’m of the opinion that the Pats intend to draft their next QB in the 6th round, worked for them before quite nicely

  22. Patriots are NOT moving up. Belichick will wait and see how the chips fall and as a lifelong Pats fan I don’t want them them to make this move. I’d rather see them take a for sure D stud.

  23. You wrote Mac Jones 2nd??? I think you may have that wrong. The kid from BYU will be second off the board.

  24. C’mon Bill. Just give back the 2 and take back Jimmy. Otherwise you’re wasting picks.

  25. I’ll believe it when I see it. seems to me the Pat’s did pretty well with a former 6th round pic. plenty of decent QB’s in the middle rounds


    Unbelievable, still so many systematically born idiot, though Belichick’s free agency splurge already proved that it was Brady’s system.

  26. Pats will take a qb in the draft and if I were a betting man, I’d put my money that the qb they end up with in this draft is Davis Mills and I’d be just fine with that pick.

  27. The Patriots moving up to 4 would really surprise me. Belichick’s idea of a HUGE move would be going from 15 to 12.

  28. I dont buy it.

    Think about the hoodie and how he consistently uses a gordon bombay triple deke on everyone always.

    Either hes interested in trading up for. Pitts, a talent that would bring them some stability on offense. Sewell is another one, getting cornerstones on rookie deals has to the team thinking. Much more likely to find that at 4 then at 14 or 21.

    OR hes chumming the water… Essentially any qb in addition to the top 3 qbs, is 1 more available position player when the clocks hits patriots

  29. this, put with Atlanta turning down Detroit’s trade overtures, all but confirms the Falcons are drafting a franchise quarterback, most likely Fields if Trey Lance is gone by 4;

  30. I think one condition of doing trades with NE is that you don’t talk about doing trades with NE. They’re trying to get another team picking between 4-14 to jump.

  31. Any team who drafts an Ohio state quarterback deserves to reap what they sow. For whatever reason it just doesn’t pan out in the nfl. Simply go down the list I would fill up most of this comment section. The word on Fields is he’s a touch slow on his reads hence why he may slide out of the top 10. I can assure you the good teams with good talent evaluators will stay away from him.

  32. In other news, BB has talked to EVERY team about trading back and collecting more draft capital.

  33. I must be lacking something in life because I’m excited and looking forward to tonight’s draft. Of one thing I’m certain, Bill Belichick will trade the #15 pick for additional picks in subsequent rounds. He seems to do that ALL the time which frustrates Patriot fans. I don’t see Belichick doing anything about JimmyG either because Garoppolo’s “cap” hit in 2021 and 2022 is $25+M. What I am afraid of happening is Belichick trading Stephon Gilmore. I just don’t want to see that happen.

  34. The Pats will slide back a few spots and draft Zavin Collins to replace Hightower

  35. Belechik may just be asking around to see how expensive moving up may be. But he’s never done anything like this before and I seriously doubt he’d start now. And, as others have said, I’d see him wanting Pitts more than Fields.

  36. Meanwhile at Patriots HQ:
    Belechik: While all these fools think I am the best head coach ever, I can focus on my REAL prize… THE MOON!

  37. Let’s say Atlanta doesn’t take a QB at 4, which seems likely, since Matt Ryan has two or three good years left, at least. So, let’s say they take Kyle Pitts. Obvious non-QB pick. There are now 10 teams between No. 4 and New England’s No. 15. Which of these 10 teams is likely to pick a QB. I say none:

    5. Cincinnati. Burrow.
    6. Miami. Tua.
    7. Lions. Goff.
    8. Panthers. Darnold.
    9. Broncos. They just got Bridgewater. They will retain Lock.
    10. Dallas. Dak.
    11. Giants. Jones.
    12. Eagles. They seem committed to Hurts.
    13. Chargers. Herbert.
    14. Vikings. Cousins.
    15. New England. The Patriots just sit tight and they will have a choice between either Lance and Fields or Jones and Fields.
    Bottom line: Belichick is in the catbird seat.

  38. Cool, does that mean Zach Wilson falls to the Steelers
    in this scenario? I’ll take it.

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