Which teams would try to trade for Deshaun Watson?

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
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If the lawyers on both sides of the Deshaun Watson litigation have indeed decided to trade public squabbles for private negotiations, and if they can work out a settlement of the 22 civil claims pending against the Texans quarterback before or during the draft, a trade could happen. So who would trade for him?

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle recently identified eight teams that were interested in Watson before the lawsuits were filed: the Jets, Dolphins, Panthers, Broncos, 49ers, Patriots, Bears, and Washington.

At this point, the Jets and 49ers likely wouldn’t be interested, given their draft plans. The rest likely would be. Another team that wasn’t listed by McClain could be waiting for the right time to make a move — the Eagles.

Other teams could decide to get in on the bidding if/when the Texans are able to try to trade Watson’s contract. Every team that makes a move will need to assume that a suspension will happen, even if all 22 cases are settled.

If enough teams are interested, the Texans could end up getting nearly as much as they would have before the off-field problems arose. The real question becomes factoring the length of a potential suspension into the trade value. If the Texans can spark a bidding war for Watson’s contract, it may not matter.

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  1. If he settles the case and the suspension then become defined, half the league will be interested. Just as an example, an 8-16 game suspension, Washington is committed to Fitzo for this year only, nothing prevents these teams looking past this year.

  2. I think if the price is right and he’s clear the Vikings should look into it. You can ride it out with Cousins and bring in Watson next year hopefully with a new head coach paging Eric Beniemy.

  3. Unless he’s completely exonerated and all accusations are found to be without merit, he should never play another down in the NFL.

  4. Neither one of the lawyers on either side of this case are general managers. It won’t be up to them to negotiate any trade for Watson.

  5. Just let it play out ok it’s own already.

    It’s either going to be the trial of the century or a footnote.

    Either way, now is not the time.

  6. No reason for the Texans to trade him. He’ll need to re-establish his value on the field. Even if the NFL suspends him for 8 games, teams will be hesitant to trade for him as that is a essentially a lost year. Even if you get a backup to go 4-4, you’ll need Watson to go 6-3 to make the playoffs without practicing and training.

  7. John McClain is full of crap. Not the guy from Die Hard, but the Houston Chronicle reporter.

  8. No competent gm would make any trade until this gets resolved. Texans are hoping it gets resolved quick

  9. A starting QB is supposed to be the face of a franchise! Someone who is on commercials and does TV appearances! Why would I want to involve myself with this guy? He has major issues! Only a desperate franchise like the Vikings or Lions would clamor over him!

  10. The Vikings are always looking for a quarterback. And if history is any indication, player character will not be an obstacle.

  11. Unless Watson is exonerated of every single charge, NO one should trade for him. I think the NFL already has a credibility problem.

  12. “If enough teams are interested, the Texans could end up getting nearly as much as they would have before the off-field problems arose.”

    There’s not a chance this is true. Teams may be interested only if the price is very low. No one is going to be throwing multiple first round picks to Houston and that may have been the case before this.

  13. Some possibilities for the ~10 months following the draft: ATL, CAR, CHI, DEN, DET, LV, MIN, NO, PHI, PIT, WAS

    Bring plenty of 2022, 2023, and possibly 2024 draft capital.

  14. Watson isn’t going anywhere. No team will be willing to take on the risk. Period. Not in this public environment. The ONLY way Watson will be moved were if his new team were guaranteed by the league that no action would be taken against Watson should there be some kind of settlement. And there is NO way the league will do that. If they do, they are subject to liability issues.

  15. Suspension or not, I want no part of this guy on my team. Not a guy I could cheer for and definitely not worth trading for.

    Take a look at the comments getting up votes versus down, any NFL team would be insane to make that move.

  16. None, zero, zilch, nada. No team is even thinking about trading for watson with the baggage he has currently.

  17. Texans will not get the value they would have pre-accusations. Remember; there is vague reports that there is possibly a criminal investigation ongoing regarding the allegations. Regardless, his trade value is diminished. If the settlement doesn’t happen by tomorrow afternoon, the value drops even more.

  18. It’s Philly and Carolina.

    No other fan base would sit by quietly.

    Philly and CAR are the only teams still in the running.

  19. Not saying he’s guilty saying he’s a hot mess right now, don’t want him

  20. He will be vilified any where he goes. No team in their right mind will want to take on that distraction. But, there are several teams who are not in their right mind, so….

  21. You left off the Browns. I dare say that if the Browns offered Baker and a 3rd rounder, they could improve their qb spot and be in the Super Bowl next year. The Browns really don’t want to extend Baker’s contract and they’d be getting max value until the Browns tougher schedule kicks in this year

  22. Nobody would trade for him now. He needs to work out the legal issues. Either he is cleared and he goes back to playing football or he could be suspended by the league for years, just like Aldon Smith was suspended a few years ago.

  23. At this point WFT probably wouldn’t want him – the franchise is trying to overcome some bad institutional behavior – bringing in a QB with the same issues would be a seriously bad idea.

  24. Now that he will cost maybe half of what they thought before the lawsuits maybe there will be some takers …

    Patriots should take him. That will finish the process of destroying the team and make 95% of NFL fans happy.

  25. Most teams in the NFL would improve with Watson. There is an opportunity right now for a team to get him for a steal. It’s up to the GM’s and their legal and PR teams to assess the risk of his situation and make a decision. Perhaps even lowballing the Texans and see what happens.

  26. Watson may decide after all the smoke settles and the dust clears to stay in Houston. I would.

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