49ers take Trey Lance with third overall pick

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The draft officially has begun.

More than a month after trading up from No. 12 to No. 3 in the 2021 draft, the 49ers have made the selection. And it’s quarterback Trey Lance from North Dakota State.

Many had believed the 49ers would take Alabama quarterback Mac Jones. In recent days, momentum built toward Lance.

Now, Jones begins to creep down the board. How far will he fall? Wherever he lands, Lance and Jones will always be compared. Ditto for Justin Fields, who at one point was the favorite to be the third overall pick.

Regardless, Lance was the pick. We’ll now see how the rest of the top 10 plays out from here.

32 responses to “49ers take Trey Lance with third overall pick

  1. sold the next 3 drafts on an inexperienced QB…
    odds likely high he is one of this drafts future BUST!

  2. I will root for him as a 9ER fan but, I’m sorry this kid has BUST written all over him.

    I’m embarrassed as a 9ER fan we chose Lance when we could have chosen Fields if it was about mobility

  3. Kyle Shanahan just banked 3 1st round picks and ultimately his job on Trey Lance. Just like Zach Wilson,Trey Lance played against abysmal competition in college. Learning curve will be steep.

  4. I figured as much when Lynch said the other day the coach is picking the QB. Lynch covered himself right away.

  5. The Niners will never get Aaron Rodgers. The bidding starts at 3 first-round picks, plus more. They don’t have it and won’t have it for years.

  6. People 3 years from now are going to laugh at the Jets for taking wilson over lance.

  7. Nice. One less team to have to worry about in the NFC for the next 5 years or so.

  8. I would say this pick reminds me of J Russell but he had played against good competition. This guy played against Jr College competition.

  9. So Wentz makes Colts a contender but Lance is a bust because of college competition? Guess some forgot they went to the same college and Wentz was drafted second overall.

  10. The 49ers used their first round picks for 2021/2022/2023 and a 3rd rounder for Trey Lance!

    What are they doing? They probably could have just picked him up at #12.

  11. mrturophile says:
    The Niners will never get Aaron Rodgers. The bidding starts at 3 first-round picks, plus more. They don’t have it and won’t have it for years.
    The Niners traded 3 firsts and a 3rd for Trey Lance. If they didnt make that trade, they might have been able to get Rodgers.

    The worst part is, Trey Lance would have been there at #12. What were they thinking trading up?

  12. They better be able to teach him like Buffalo did with Josh Allen. He has the athletic ability and a long ball. He will need to add a little weight because of the hits he may take running. But if he works hard and plays smart he could have a bright future.

  13. Three firsts and a third for a NDST QB that has played 17 total football games. I thought you SF fans said you had a Genius GM and HC? Seems like a great kid though, so there is that.

  14. Great pick because the kid has all the tools to compete with the modern mobile quarterbacks in this league. Keeping Garappolo will turn out to be another good move, and Lance will benefit from learning under Jimmy.

  15. 49ers grabbed a Great QB. Trey Lance at 6’4 226lbs. Great Arm & Velocity and hes exceptionally mobile with a 40 time in the 4.5s..the average QBs 40 is 4.8-5s

    Last season he played completelyhis JR Year
    Pass: Comp% 66.9 Yds:2,785 TDS:28 INT:0**
    Rush: Att: 167 Yds:1,100 TDS:14

    You didn’t see Trey play his senior year cuz Covid-Pandemic and he’s just as good as any QB coming out of the draft. Was he worth three first-round picks time will tell. I’ve watch him play at North Dakota State and the kid is Regularly Electric

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