Aaron Rodgers wanted Packers to accept 49ers’ trade offer

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When news surfaced this afternoon that the 49ers offered the third overall pick to the Packers for Aaron Rodgers, it wasn’t news to Rodgers.

Rodgers knew about the offer. And wanted the Packers to take it.

A league source tells PFT that Rodgers wanted the Packers to take the 49ers’ offer, which was for the third pick and more. It’s unclear where Rodgers would go from here.

The teams Rodgers would like to be traded to include not just the 49ers, but also the Raiders and Broncos. Rodgers would love to move closer to the West Coast, where he grew up, where his fiancée Shailene Woodley lives and where he would have more television opportunities, including the possibility of hosting Jeopardy.

The Packers are continuing to insist that they will not trade Rodgers.

112 responses to “Aaron Rodgers wanted Packers to accept 49ers’ trade offer

  1. Maybe Rodgers shouldn’t have signed the extension he requested 3 years ago then.

  2. This guy has turned into everything that he hated about Brett Favre. Lets get a boat load for him and build around Love. Then Rodgers can go concentrate on his super exciting adreline rushing jeopardy career.

  3. It really feels like this could happen tonight. Then GB takes who at 3, Chase or Pitts?

  4. This is like watching an avalanches as it builds speed down the mountain. Going to be a wild ride at The draft with this sword of Damocles hanging over the proceedings.. Wonder if the GB front office is still doing PR before the draft to stoke up the base, or are they hiding under their beds and asking their wife to answer the phone cause they know how bad they have screwed this up…

  5. Remember when all the attention was on Russell Wilson, that he wanted out of Seattle, he’s unhappy, etc, and then everybody said it was a nothing burger?

  6. it’s shameful how this organization treats their qb’s. they’ve now had two of the best in the game, and treated both – farve and rodgers – like complete trash. talk about a toxic organization as of late.

  7. I think this is gonna happen before the night is done! He wants to play for the 49ers.

  8. Give the Man what he wants. He deserves it. He has been the good soldier for 16 years while the team sabotaged him with a poor defense since Capers 2nd year. Hope he goes to a team with a defense so he can prove he is the best QB that has ever played teh game. He wont get it with Green Bay.

  9. The Packers spent a 1st on Jordan Love. The Packers kicked a FG and took the ball out of Rodgers’ hands. The Packers decided not to free up money for more talent on the roster by reworking Rodgers’ deal. I truly believe this isn’t purely about money, but about a commitment to adding talent around Rodgers and winning. Green Bay has botched this situation at every turn for a year now. Rodgers may be a petulant soul, but he’s an uber-talented player being wasted.

  10. Thompson knew it was time to pull the plug on teh Favre-era

    Looks like Gute managed to miss all the signs….

  11. As an owner I will endorse trading him to SF for Kittle and all their picks this year and next. They can keep Jimmy… take it or leave it, Your on the clock 9’ers.

  12. Pass on Jimmy G but the third overall pick, George Kittle and a whole bunch more, maybe.

  13. It’s odd all these unnamed and unconfirmed sources are busting this out at this moment. If the Packers did in fact know that he wanted out, and the 9ers did make that offer, then they’re dumb to have declined it. Not sure what to believe at the moment.

  14. This is the reality of it all. Rogers wants a new deal. The team is financially strapped. Can’t pay him and get the other players they need. He’s still good, but his best is behind him and at his age he is bound to start declining. If I was running the Packers, I would take the best deal you can (which I am sure will be a VERY good deal) and start building for the future. I don’t say this as a Vikings fan. It’s just the reality of the situation.

  15. GB didn’t do AR alot of Favors but Damn AR is a prima donna with one lucky ring. Steelers should of one that game if the moron didn’t fumble.

  16. OMG this is so delicious… Packer fans trying to act like they’re perfectly fine with this 😂 😂 😂

  17. The new packers front office has drafted a backup QB, backup RB, and backup TE. The packers are about to trade Rodgers and enter the 6-10 7-9 abyss for the next decade.

  18. Aaron Rodgers on the Niners would be scary. He & Shanny would be an epic pairing IMO.

  19. #3 pick for a 38 year old QB it’s a no brainer. If I’m Tampa Bay I take that pick for Brady.

  20. They drafted their QB last year… why would you think they would draft another QB in the first round???

  21. I think Rodgers would feel very much at home with the 49ers, but don’t think this has anything to do with the location of the ‘fiancee’.

  22. This gives some level of hope to the rest of the NFC North that the Rodgers/LaFleur reign of terror might mercifully be over.

  23. I thought a few hours ago Green Bay denied the rumors about a 49ers offer for Rodgers?

    So Rodgers wants to host Jeopardy & play football at the same time? He’s won so many Super Bowls when he was just playing football, I guess this makes sense.


  24. So he is never playing for the packers again, trade or no trade. I can live with this!!!!

  25. GB brought this on themselves when they drafted a QB last year in the 1st round. No different then when a company brings in the new hire and ask you to train them. They no longer want you around, just waiting for the right time to tell you “bye”. Rogers made the future for GB today, not when they want it.

  26. If I was a Packers stockholder I’d be thinking about selling my shares right about now.

    Oh wait, they aren’t real shares… it’s all a scam.

  27. Cal Bear wanting to go home. These Rogers stories have kicked this draft day up a notch!

  28. That Packers GM job should be under scrutiny. They could have taken that #3 pick and parlayed it into more picks, and if They have reservations about Love they could have drafted their QB of the future. They’re crazy.

  29. Who says this is true???? Let’s hear who said it and who they are. I cannot stand these anonymous quotes I read all the time.
    If you can’t put your name on it and own it, then shut up and don’t say it.

  30. Aaron Rodgers throwing to Darren Waller would be flat out criminal to the rest of the teams in the NFL.

  31. If the Packers trade ME tothe Niner’s for their #3 pick and use it to pick a QB, does Love throw a tantrum? Oh, the excitement.

  32. He cannot just sit out, right? He would be fined.

    And if he “retired for a year,” GB would still own the rights to his contract so whoever signed him next year would owe GB draft picks or something.

  33. The Packers really screwed themselves by being cute and drafting Love and now they have to pay the piper.

  34. Trade AR to SF and use the 3d pick for Pitts. A talented TE is a new QB’s best friend.

  35. Rodgers would love to move closer to the West Coast, where he grew up, where his fiancée Shailene Woodley lives and where he would have more television opportunities, including the possibility of hosting Jeopardy.

    Translation: Aaron Rodgers is done competing on a PRO level. We tend to use workplace analogies, this one is simple, your C suite manager is no longer focused on his current career and wants to take a sabbatical to discover other interests. Good luck next team, you will be getting a HOFer, but in name only. His mind is no longer on the now. He is now focused on after. Good for Rodgers, not so good for any team who wants him moving forward.

  36. Green Bay would be wise to trade Rodgers to the Niners. He’s 38 and likely only has a couple of good years left in him..at most.

    GB can get the #3 pick and get a new, young, and cheap franchise QB.

    The rest of the NFC west is yelling…Nooooooooooooooooooo!

  37. Green Bay, take the deal and run. Then draft Kyle Pitts or Chase to screw with A-Aron.

  38. Also Packers won’t be getting Kittle. The first and a third next year, take it or leave it.

  39. If the 49ers really offered the #3 pick and the Packers turned it down, it means they’re thinking drafting Jordan Love was a mistake. I think most Packers fans, including me, have been waiting for this to explode at the most inopportune time possible since they drafted Love last year. It just did. I need a drink or five.

  40. And if he “retired for a year,” GB would still own the rights to his contract so whoever signed him next year would owe GB draft picks or something.


    But more likely the Packers would have to cut him. Who would trade for him at that point? And the Packers likely wouldn’t be able to take his $25mil salary back on their books.

  41. Rodgers got a coach fired, has a top 5 O-line, a top 5 receiver, and a talented team. He’s also gotten paid, yet he wants out.

    If you bashed Russell Wilson or Deshaun Watson for wanting out, now is the time to show you’re consistent (without terrible biases) and give Rodgers the same energy.

  42. #3 overall doesn’t help the Packers much….Could there be a 3-team trade in the mix ?

  43. The translation of this because Green Bay would be incredibly stupid not to take a large offer for a 38 year old QB is the Love is a bust can be the only logical reason not to accept a very decent trade offer. Love should have the ability as a 1st round QB to step and play now.

  44. The Packers won’t trade him now because they can’t maximize his value right now. But the relationship has been destroyed and they’ll be forced to trade him before the season starts. They kind of screwed up this whole thing.

  45. Packers GM is too scared to trade a 36 year old QB for a boat load of picks!?

  46. This could be posturing by Rodgers and his agent as one final chance for the Packers to give him the long term deal he wants. More likely Jordan Love gets traded tonight than Aaron Rodgers.

  47. QBs changing teams late in their career is not earth shaking. If I could change jobs and live closer to my hometown where the weather is much better than where I currently am I would. None of us know the dynamics inside the GB front office like a veteran player would. Everyone slammed Favre for what he did but eventually they realized the truth. Rodgers has seen enough, most of us have been in similar situations.

  48. Rodgers will be 38 in December. He likely only has a couple of good years left in him, and then the Packers will need a new franchise QB, and Love apparently isn’t the guy.

    The Packers would be wise to trade Rodgers to the Niners for the #3 pick. The Niners would be one of the favorites to win a Super Bowl for about 2 years, then they would be stuck without a good QB.

  49. What offer? An hour ago the Packers denied there was any phone call at all!?!?

    Haha! Grab your popcorn boys!

  50. This is mind-blowing to me. It feels like ego on our GM’s part. He wanted to show everyone that he could make a Ron Wolfe/Ted Thompson type move and he reached for a draft pick NO one had going that early. Now he has to double down or admit it was a mistake. Unfortunately he’s doing the former and we’re about to watch another MVP leave our team prematurely. I understand they got tired of Favre’s waffling, but I don’t understand this.

  51. Really it comes down to the “and more” details. They could have done the deal, traded back from 3 for more picks, then completed a sign and trade with jimmy g to new england. This could have been a Herschel Walker sized haul.

  52. It makes sense that Green Bay would want Rodgers out of the NFC, thus the Niners aren’t a real trading partner. It also looks like we’ll find out whether Jordan Love was a worthy first round pick.

    Rodgers going to Vegas with Chuckie would be a real hoot. Green Bay will expect a better deal than Detroit got for Stafford. Another issue is that Vegas drafts at 17, Denver drafts at 9. That could be solved if Vegas swaps with Detroit at 7, which would involve sending a player plus an additional pick, and then sending a litany of first rounders (including Detroit’s 7th) to Green Bay.

    The draft is really fun. I love all the horse trading.

  53. If the Pack get smart and trade Rodgers to SF, it will shake the whole draft up. If the NFL was worried about lower ratings this draft, this is the answer to higher ratings.

  54. My Packers are really good at wasting elite QB’s careers then finally pissing them off enough that they force their way out

  55. Me thinks Rodgers is way to full of himself, even as a Diva he is lacking.

  56. I’ve been wrong before, and I certainly could be again, but I think Rodgers will be the Packers’ starting quarterback (baring injury) for the next several years.

  57. What do you bet the Packers take a crackerjack WR in the first round tonight? Even if Rodgers leaves, it’ll be good for Love. Whatever. The Packers will still be around after I’m long gone. It’s just a game.

  58. He should’ve spoken up earlier and got traded to the Colts if he was really serious about winning a title.

  59. What happens if Rodgers retires, ala Barry Sanders, because Green Bay won’t trade him? Will they expect him to repay bonus money?

  60. I take this as an admission that Green Bsy made a huge mistake selecting Jordan Love last year. Thank god, the 30 year run of HOF QB play in GB is finally almost over. Without Favre / Rodgers, they make the playoffs 2 or 3 times the last 30 years… complete stupidity with regards to team building…

  61. ladymacesq says:
    Trade AR to SF and use the 3d pick for Pitts. A talented TE is a new QB’s best friend.
    So trade Aaron Rodgers for a rookie Tight End? Sounds like a bad deal to me.

  62. I think that SF messed up trading for the #3 pick. GB believes they have their QB, so they dont need the #3 pick. They probably want a lot of low/mid round picks.

  63. How awesome would it be to see both Aaron Rodger’s and Russell Wilson traded during the draft tonight?

  64. As a Packers fan, I would definitely make the trade. Rodgers came out of nowhere last year with outstanding MVP play. His prior 2 or 3 years showed decline. Was it motivation that the Packers realized this and drafted a future QB? Whatever the case, Rodgers is nearing the end of his career, Packers have what they believe is their future QB, plus they can get the 3rd pick in the draft? Wow, what a way to start building around the new QB for the long term future.

  65. So basically if this trade goes down we swapped #1 picks plus a 3rd Round pick this year. In addition we have also given up our #1’s next year and the year after. Plus what ever more the Packers would want for Rodgers, maybe more draft picks or player(s). That seems too steep for a 38 year old quarterback and severely handicaps the next 3 drafts including tonight. On a positive note with Rodgers on our team we would probably win a couple of Superbowls in the next few years. This will define our franchise for the next 5-7 years maybe longer.

  66. Maybe the best thing to do is trade Rodgers for the #3 pick, then make multi-team trade deals to acquire picks #10 and #18.

  67. We know what happens next. Favre, I mean Rodgers retires, then unretires after they commit to Love. In seriousness, the 49ers are about to take their new QB, if GB wants more than a #3, they better say now because SF can pivot to a non QB if they reach a deal.

  68. I would much rather have Aaron Rodgers than Trey Lance, but I think the 9ers will end up with Mac Jones.

  69. If this is true, you need to get a lot more than just the 3rd pick, a Lot More

  70. Rodgers is full of himself and gone Hollywood. Green Bay has given him everything he’s wanted and he’s still unhappy. He wants those TV gigs not SB rings. This is why Brady will always be superior to Rodgers. Brady, unlike Rodgers, is a football machine who lives and breathes football. He truly loves the game and wants to win. I can’t say the same about Rodgers anymore.

  71. Graham Mooney says:
    April 29, 2021 at 5:04 pm

    Packers GM is too scared to trade a 36 year old QB for a boat load of picks!?//////

    Rodgers is 37. The packers should trade him for the #3 pick plus more picks.

  72. So Rogers thinks he is only worth a first round pick? If I am GB I taketh third pick tonight, Bosa, Armstead, Kittle and one other defensive player for Rogers.

  73. The 49er’s will still be sending Miami first round picks when Rodgers is done. This is a knee jerk dumb morve on the Niner’s part. Why in the world did they trade two number ones and a 2nd or whatever if they are so wishy washy about who they want? This is amateur hour. Bet, Green Bay would have rather had the 3 number 1’s, and 2nd’s….

  74. Now that it’s been leaked, Niners should completely lower their offer for AR. Jimmy G and SF’s 2048 third round pick. GB – take it!

  75. 3 team trade with Vegas landing AR. Playoff team next 6 years losing late every time. Every home game sold out.

  76. So let me get this straight. Aaron Rodgers is mad, because he is feeling snubbed because the Packers drafted a QB in the 1st round. And now he wants to go to the team that snubbed him in the first round and drafted Alex Smith, which caused him to free fall to the Packers. And that is what he wants us to think, that it was because of that? No. Sorry, it the GF, and the upcoming nuptials. The cost for the trade would be huge! If The Chiefs traded this year’s first-round pick (31st overall), third-round pick (94th overall) and a fourth-round pick (136th overall), along with a 2022 fifth-round pick in exchange for Brown, a second-round pick in 2021 (58th overall) and a sixth-round pick in 2022. for a tackle. What would a 3 time MVP , oh and a super bowl winner be worth?

  77. Rodgers is still playing at a high level but he is disgruntled and is almost 38. How could you pass on the #3 overrall pick + more? They could really build around Love…something they didn’t want to do with Rodgers.

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