Bears trade up to No. 11, take Justin Fields

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The Bears made their move for a quarterback in the first round.

Chicago convinced Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman to trade down in the first round of a draft for the first time in his career and used the pick to select Justin Fields.

Fields was thought to be a candidate to go at No. 3 to the 49ers, but he wound up falling out of the Top 10. He’ll join Andy Dalton and Nick Foles on the quarterback depth chart and it figures to be a full-fledged competition for the starting job once practice is underway.

The Giants will get the No. 20 pick this year and the Bears’ first-round pick next year. They’ll also get a fifth-rounder this year  and a fourth-round pick next year. It’s a good haul for Gettleman, who probably won’t have to worry about anyone saying he got fleeced in his first trade of this type.

Trading a future first-round pick is never easy, but General Manager Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy may not be back in Chicago if things don’t go well this year so they’ve decided to take their shot with the former Ohio State quarterback.

52 responses to “Bears trade up to No. 11, take Justin Fields

  1. Justin fields is a great quarterback but it’s hard to imagine him in a bears uniform.

  2. he won the trade pick value wise but the question always is – what kind of players do you end up selecting vs. what kind of players you could have had. quantity over quality? time will tell?

  3. This team is so dumb another panic move by one of the worst gm if not the worst general manager in the league giving up a first next year really!

  4. Worst possible thing that could have happened to Fields. I’m sure he was giddy at the prospect the Patriots could have taken him at 15.

  5. Good choice, but lousy team to make the choice. The Bears show preposterously little ability or motivation to develop a QB. Why they haven’t been hiring every QB guru and putting better pieces around QBs is baffling. Hopefully they’ll do better this time.

  6. Darn. We get rid of Stafford and Rodgers from division and Fields, Goff and packer drafted last year, hmmm. #skol

  7. Trading a future first-round pick is never easy, but General Manager Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy may not be back in Chicago if things don’t go well this year so they’ve decided to take their shot with the former Ohio State quarterback.


    Not saying he’s a great coach but he’s never had a losing season and he’s made the playoffs two out of three seasons so let’s not start this umkay

  8. I guess my dream of Rodgers in a Bears uniform is over.
    Good Luck to you Justin Fields. The Bears track record is not good.

  9. Justin is very fortunate to be going to an organization with an impeccable reputation for drafting and developing QBs.

  10. He didn’t look happy with the pick. Scowl on his face until someone must have told him to act happy and he started smiling.

  11. Fair trade for whom many consider the best QB in the draft. And yet…I kinda wish they’d stayed out or traded down and built more pieces.

  12. Pace has nothing to lose, sell the farm Ryan!

  13. I hope they didn’t take Fields because they missed on Mahomes and Watson when they were available.

  14. joetoronto is supercharger, touchback6, B D, stephanebonics etc… says:
    April 29, 2021 at 9:57 pm
    Pace has nothing to lose, sell the farm Ryan!

    He just did!

  15. Can’t say the Bears aren’t trying to find the guy … they’re just not very good st it …gotta feel for Mitchell ….

  16. nite2al says:
    April 29, 2021 at 9:56 pm
    Told ya Mac Jones was the worst of the five QBs


    None of them have played a down in the NFL yet, Nostradamus.

  17. Gettleman and Mara get out-thought and outfoxed again. Dallas moves down 2 and still gets the defensive player they wanted. Philly moves ahead of the Giants and gets the Wide Receiver the Giants wanted, another DeSean (sp.) to torture the Giants for 10 years, and the Receiver Philly needed. Dallas and Philly help themselves and hurt the Giants as a sweetener. The perennial 6-10 Giants are looking for Eli Apple again and trade all the way down to 20, which means that the consolation Defensive player they could have picked at 11 will also be gone. What was Tommy James’ song, “Crimson and clover and 6 and 10 over and over”? Again the Brain Trust was Brain Dead and never saw the sucker punch coming.

  18. I’m not sure which jokes are left about the Bears trading up for a quarterback? How about
    Jim McMahon just called Fields and recommended he ask for a trade.
    Rent don’t buy?
    Don’t worry you’ll be on another teams roster as the back up in 5 years?
    The Rex Grossman shadow will be tough to get out of?
    Poor guy

  19. I think Fields has the highest upside in this draft at qb. I think he can be a better version of Wilson if he is his best version. The problem with Fields is i also think of the 5 guys i think he has the highest probability of being his worst version. It wouldnt shock me at all if he is out of the league in 3 years.

    That being said, i think chicago is a pretty good spot. Decent line, good weapons, decent coaching. I think with a piece or two more Fields has a really good shot at doing some special things for the bears. Not sure the trade was good value but i think chicago fans should be Happy right now, but chicago really has to nail the rest of the draft.

  20. Bears moved up 9 spots and gave up an extra 1,4 &5. Jets moved 9 spots and gave 2 3rd rounders.

    Pace – You stink at negotiating

  21. The Giants are a year away from needing a QB. The next GM will pick him. Great move by the Bears!

  22. Silly Bears. He will be the next Dwayne Haskins book it. Guaranteed mortal lock!!!

  23. OK Matt Nagy, no more excuses. Trubisky had little experience and limited talent but Fields has both in abundance. If he flops, it’s all on you.

  24. Only the Bears would throw away multiple 1st round draft picks for a 5th round project with zero work ethic.

  25. That’s a crowded QB room. They have Fields, a 3-time Pro Bowler in Dalton, and a Super Bowl MVP in Foles. Foles back to Philly?

  26. A big swing for the fence Can’t say how the pick ends up. But to just say it’s reach. We will see in a couple years. And then come back on ;
    here and let us know.

  27. Not a Bears fan but good for them. In a league where the only way you win a SB is with either a QB on a rookie contract or a future HoF QB, you MUST take a swing for the fence.

    Even if Fields doesn’t work out, I cannot criticize this move. You have to try in a league that now revolves around the quarterback position.

  28. If there’s somebody I think can break the OSU and bears QB curse, it’s fields. But I still err on the side of don’t trust OSU QBs

  29. I wish Fields the best but Ohio State QBs have a horrible NFL track record. He may be another Pryor.

  30. Bass Plucker is right: Nagy and Pace had to make this move. It was their only chance at survival. I like the fact that we didn’t have to give up the farm to get Fields. And to Justin Fields: You have a chance to do what no other quarterback has done. Break the dreaded “Bears Quarterback Curse”. And become legend.

  31. I was hoping for them to trade back a time or two, getting more picks, and taking Mond, Trask, or the guy from Stanford. Can’t blame them for the move though, although desperation makes you have to overpay. He was fantastic against Clemson, but only time will tell. If Fields becomes a star, no one will ever care about the price.

  32. There is just no reason to think that Zach Wilson or Trey Lance are going to be better than Justin fields.

    It’s a complete crapshoot.

  33. Good move for the Bears. Sad day for Justin Fields. Nagy and Pace will be gone in a year and the next team will come in and want their own guy. If he’s lucky he’ll get to start fresh somewhere like Darnold. If he’s not, he gets the first few years of Alex Smith’s career.

  34. At best the Bears got a more talented and athletic Randal Cunningham and at worst Akili Smith. I hope it works out for Bears fans it is just hard to picture a young Bears QB succeeding.
    Especially with Slow Pace and Nagy.

  35. Don’t feel sorry for these QBs. They are instant millionaires. So what, if he is with the Bears. If you are a gamer, make the best of it and do your job.

  36. nite2al says:
    April 29, 2021 at 9:56 pm
    Told ya Mac Jones was the worst of the five QBs.


    Your comment is priceless. Like the team that picked Trubisky over Mahomes and Watson somehow outfoxed Belichek. Nagy and Pace have proven they haven’t a clue how to evaluate QB talent.

  37. I really wonder how much freedom the McCaskey family gave Nagy and Pace in regards to the draft. Both are on the firing block due to their ineptitude and know they are in their last year. Obviously they were going to take a flyer at a QB after the Trubisky debacle. But they mortgaged the future for Fields while New England sat pat and got their QB?!?!

    Has a GM or coach ever been fired the day after the draft?

  38. This happened because Devonta Smith wasn’t available to the Giants. Shrewd move by the Eagles jumping up two spots and taking the Giants top target. Also Bears fans can thank Denver for not taking a QB. John Elway continues bungling the QB position. Teddy Bridgewater instead of Justin Fields? Amazing.

  39. H$ll yeah!! – welcome Justin!!! You have no idea how hardcore Chicago fans are for our football team! Put in that work and you’ll be a god

  40. Good move by the Gmen. If we need a new QB next year, the extra draft picks give us the firepower to move up in the draft. K. Toney is DeVonta Smith 2.0, but Toney weighs 199, Smith is 166. Plus we got a fifth rounder this year.

  41. The Bears (read Pace) have no good track record as using their own 1st round picks to build for the future so why not give them up for a shot in the dark. No Cap space because of Dalton, Foles, and Mack on the pay-roll but at least we know they won’t go 8 & 8 this year.
    this will continue as Soldiers Field will still sell out and the owners really don’t care as long as there is plenty of money in the team checkbook.

  42. He didn’t look very happy on the live shots. I’m hoping that’s more disappointment in how far he fell than in who picked him. If it’s the former and he comes in with a chip on his shoulder, that could be a very good thing for the Bears.

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