Broncos, Packers currently aren’t negotiating a potential Aaron Rodgers trade

Denver Broncos v Green Bay Packers
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There’s a buzz building in league circles regarding a possible trade that would send quarterback Aaron Rodgers from the Packers to the Broncos. And while it could indeed happen, nothing is currently going on.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, no negotiations are happening between Denver and Green Bay. The Broncos’ brain trust is in the draft room, preparing to make their move at No. 9, whether it’s trade up, trade down, or stay in their current spot.

That doesn’t mean talks are impossible. Anything can happen. But it’s not happening yet. If it’s going to happen tonight (and if the Packers are going to get the ninth overall pick), it needs to get started before the Broncos trade or use their selection.

So stay tuned.

7 responses to “Broncos, Packers currently aren’t negotiating a potential Aaron Rodgers trade

  1. Still have to wait to see if DEN trades way back for 2022 compensation. That could keep the deal alive for a post June 2 transaction.

  2. The finances of any trade will be interesting. GB isn’t going to eat tens of millions in dead money without the biggest haul of picks ever.

  3. Oh Saints fans. You need something called money to pay Rodgers. Something you don’t have. Carry on

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