Caleb Farley gets negative result on COVID-19 retest

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Cornerback Caleb Farley said earlier this week that he would not be in Cleveland for the draft after testing positive for COVID-19, but said that he wasn’t going to let that result ruin his week.

Farley won’t be able to stride across the stage if his name is called on Thursday night, but he did get some good news. Farley shared a photo of another COVID-19 test that came back with a negative result.

Farley was heading into the 2020 season as one of the top cornerback prospects in the country, but has seen his stock slip in some eyes after opting out of playing and then having back surgery in March.

How much that impacts his eventual draft slot will be one of many storylines playing out during the first round on Thursday night. If the impact is a sizable one, the storyline could continue into Friday night as well.

7 responses to “Caleb Farley gets negative result on COVID-19 retest

  1. It seems like this cat comes with a a lit of drama… He opts out… He has surgery 9 months later than he should have… He runs his mouth about how great he is… He has covid, then he doesnt have covid… Im sorry but its just too much- give me Surtain or Horn over this guy every time.

  2. Who just said that those tests are unreliable? Oh yeah, ME.


    Trust me from 1st hand experience…when I had Covid, no test was needed to know ya had it!!

  3. Its because the Covid PCR tests are unreliable indicators of whether a person has Covid.

  4. The best thing about this report? How infrequent COVID updates have become.

  5. @stainlessteel,

    Many are asymptomatic, and the tests are all over the map due to different pcr cycle thresholds – it is not an exact science whatsoever. If Farley had the rapid test done, it is even more innacurate than the pcr test, and makes some sense that he had two different outcomes.

    The weaker your immune system, the worse the case, and the lower your Vit D levels, the worse the case usually is, and a large percentage of people are low Vit D. I had two days of fever and fatigue for 10 days with Covid- l have had MUCH worse on several occasions.

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