Falcons and/or Julio Jones apparently unwilling to facilitate a Ravens trade, for now

Denver Broncos v Atlanta Falcons
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The headline from Jay Glazer is simple. The import is a bit more nuanced.

The Ravens, as Glazer said, contacted the Falcons about a trade for receiver Julio Jones. But, alas for all involved, the Julio contract makes a trade unlikely.

But the Ravens knew about the contract when they called the Falcons. Thus, the issue isn’t the contract itself; it’s what the Falcons and/or the Jones are willing or unwilling to do with the contract in order to facilitate a trade.

Jones has a fully-guaranteed base salary of $15.3 million in 2021. The Ravens may want the Falcons to pay some of that money. The Panthers, for example, agreed on Wednesday to pay $7 million of the $10 million guarantee owed to quarterback Teddy Bridgewater to facilitate a trade for a measly sixth-round pick to the Broncos. The Dolphins a day earlier agreed to pay $6 million of the $9 million owed to offensive lineman Ereck Flowers to grease the skids for a trade to Washington. If the Falcons are motivated to move Jones, they possibly also need to be motivated to pay part of his salary in 2021.

In turn, Jones possibly needs to be willing to adjust his contract. While taking less than $15.3 million for 2021 should be a non-starter since it’s all guaranteed, he could restructure the deal to shrink the cap number this year.

If, of course, he doesn’t want to play for the Ravens or any other team, Jones simply has to say, “No thanks” in response to any request to shrink his cap charge for 2021 — if that’s part of what a new team wants.

Again, the Ravens knew about the Jones contract. The question is whether the Falcons and/or Jones will do whatever the Ravens want or need in order to get it done, with the trade compensation for Jones surely influenced by how much the Falcons will or won’t pay of the $15.3 million. Whether that changes depends on whether another team is willing to accept the terms proposed by the Falcons and/or Jones, and if not whether the Falcons and/or Jones would become more willing to move toward Baltimore’s position.

With the Falcons unable to trade Jones until June 2, there’s time to work it out. The biggest potential impediment is whether an interested suitor addresses its needs at the receiver position tonight, tomorrow, or the next day.

11 responses to “Falcons and/or Julio Jones apparently unwilling to facilitate a Ravens trade, for now

  1. Hey Julio, how’d you like to end your career as a blocker in a run first, run 2nd, run 3rd offense? No? OK then.

  2. If I am Julio then why would I want to go to Baltimore to play in a Greg Roman offense? His scheme has been nothing more than WR purgatory since the beginning. The only three WR’s to ever get 1,000 yards in his offenses were Michael Crabtree, Anquan Boldin, and Sammy Watkins. Watkins/Crabtree one time each and Boldin twice. So in 11 years of coaching offenses his scheme has produced a single 1,000 yard WR 4 times between 3 guys. Julio would be smart to stay where he’s at unless he just wants to be a downfield blocker.

  3. Maybe it is the QB in Baltimore and not the money?Not sure how many top line WRs are going to want to play for the Ravens in that offense and/or with Jackson at QB.While Jackson is the perfect fit for the Ravens offense,he is not attracting premium WRs to join him.These are the facts and people will bag on this but it is what it is.
    Cowboys,Seahawks,Bucs,Packers,Chiefs,Rams call ……pretty sure Jones can figure out his contract.
    Kind of silly the Ravens even asked,according to GM they have great WRs!

  4. Jones doesn’t wanna spend his final year or two being a blocking wide receiver for a running back who’s masquerading as a quarterback

  5. Jones is an 11 year vet that missed 8 games last year. As a browns fan I would rather pay jones any day vs obj. Not that it would happen, but jones would fit so much better. Obj turns 29 this season and is a speed WR that gets leg injuries every year and is coming off a torn ACL. Bith make 15 million, one is a future HOF, one the most over rated of the decade. Why would jones who could have a comeback year, want to go to BAL and have Lamar sail playaction passes over his head. I’m sure he wants to go out featuring his down field blocking….

  6. I’m sure a future HOF player wants to leave the game featuring his down fiel blocking. He had one year he missed some games. This isn’t Obj we ate talking about that’s made of glass. I’d take jones 15 mil over objs 15 mil a year 10 out of 10 times and twice on sunday. He could have a resurgence, dont waste a HOF career in balt

  7. No quality receiver is going to voluntarily go to Baltimore. Receivers build their value by getting receptions. With Lamar Jackson at QB, they aren’t going to get many. Lamar’s a great runner, but he’s not a quality passer.

  8. Jones in nearing the end of his career. With all of the past injuries it’s questionable how much longer he will last. I would think he would rather play for a contender (Baltimore) than Atlanta who may not make the playoffs. Most players are chasing that ring. Since the Bucs and other top teams are not calling.

  9. All the Ravens fan can grandstand and the media can hype Lamar until the cows come home but the players are the ones who speak: and no good WR wants to go to Baltimore. Fact.
    Gee, I wonder why?

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