Falcons take Kyle Pitts fourth overall

South Carolina vs Florida
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There had never been quarterbacks taken with the first four picks of an NFL Draft before Thursday night and the wait will continue for at least one more year.

The Falcons had the fourth pick and there was some speculation early in the offseason that they might look to take a quarterback as an heir to Matt Ryan. Restructuring Ryan’s contract strengthened their tie to him beyond this year, however, and the team wound up taking a weapon for Ryan instead.

Kyle Pitts‘ production as a tight end while at Florida and the athletic ability he showed while putting up numbers led many to suggest he was the best non-quarterback in this year’s draft. The Falcons made him the first non-quarterback off the board on Thursday night.

Interest will now shift to whether Pitts will be joining Julio Jones in the Falcons lineup as a rookie. The Falcons need to create cap space to sign Pitts and other rookies and General Manager Terry Fontenot said this week that the team is listening when other clubs call about trading for Jones.

Any Jones deal would have to come after June 1 for cap purposes, so there’s time for that to play out. For now, one is free to picture Pitts, Jones, Calvin Ridley, and Hayden Hurst sharing the field in 2021.

12 responses to “Falcons take Kyle Pitts fourth overall

  1. Great choice for win now – they have so much variety of attack now. Though if they’re set on trading Jones, maybe a WR would have made more sense, as they could have had a stellar one here.

  2. They keep comparing him to Darren Waller. Waller is a sole reason the Raiders weren’t picking #4 instead.

  3. can’t wait to see him play…
    as a chiefs fan ive been spoiled with great TE play… falcons seem to have caught that bug.

  4. supercharger says:
    April 29, 2021 at 8:49 pm
    Called it day one.
    As did everyone. I’ll bet you called Trevor Lawrence to the Jags as well.

  5. As did everyone.

    Nope. Everybody had them taking a QB. Mock drafts didn’t start last month.

  6. Mark my words, the falcons will regret this pick 2 years from now. They should have went qb or taken chase if they wanted a play maker, or if they are keeping jones and ryan, they should have taken the LT.

    Most overrated player in this draft. He wont be nearly as good when all the safeties and linebackers are as big, strong, and fast as he is. He will also have trouble blocking at the nfl level.

  7. He wont be nearly as good when all the safeties and linebackers are as big, strong, and fast as he is.
    Yeah, so many 6’6 safeties and linebackers in the NFL.

  8. With all the QB turmoil and drama around the league, is there a happier QB than Ryan? Not only didn’t they choose a successor, they doubled down on him and added the best offensive weapon in the draft. Meanwhile in GB….

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