Jaguars pair Travis Etienne with Trevor Lawrence at No. 25

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After taking Trevor Lawrence first overall, the Jaguars took one of his college teammates with their second first-round pick.

Clemson running back Travis Etienne went to the Jaguars with the 25th overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft.

Taking a running back in the first round has generally not been wise in recent years, as the NFL has become more of a passing league and running backs have been shown to be easily replaced. Last year the Jaguars got good production out of an undrafted rookie running back in James Robinson, and there’s no guarantee that Etienne will be any better than Robinson.

But Jaguars coach Urban Meyer has different ideas for how to build his team, and Etienne is his second pick.

16 responses to “Jaguars pair Travis Etienne with Trevor Lawrence at No. 25

  1. Perfect story. This will help Trevor feel more comfortable in Jax. Watch them draft Justyn Ross next year.

  2. I get wanting Trevor to have a very familiar weapon in the background but this was a reach in the 1st round with the players on the board. The Defense really REALLY needs some help !!

  3. So basically Urban Meyer’s coaching path has been Utah>Florida>OSU, and now Clemson.

  4. Reach. Big reach. RB at 25 reach on a team with LOTS of holes. Why waste your other precious pick on the position where a B grade is the easiest and cheapest to find?? Cause they’ve been teammates for a few years, THAT brings enough value to make this call? Bad pick for where in the draft we are. That simple

  5. I would’ve invested in protecting the new star quarterback. OL would’ve been the smart move here. Jags need strategic decision-making, not buddy-pairing.

  6. I think it’s a good pick. He’s the best RB in this draft imo. Now add the best QB prospect in the draft and now you have a foundation for a good offense. They already have some decent WRs with one star in D.J.Chark. In the NFL performance is what matters. Not where you’re drafted.

  7. I dont like taling running backs in the first round. I wouldnt do it. But that doesnt mean i wouldnt give them a first round grade. TE is definetly a rb with a first round grade. I think he is the most underrated offensive player in the draft and may have been the best player the last 2 years on Clemson’s offense.

    He is gonna play a lot like Alvin Kamara and will be a pro bowl level talent.

    Its not good value to take a rb in the first round, but they did atleast get a good player.

  8. They have first pick tomorrow. Could be OL Jenkins, DL Barmore, or safety Moehrig. If they take one of those three, the three picks are a home run IMO…just out of order.

  9. Don’t you want a strong front to protect a once in life time QB draft pick? You would want him to feel safe, have enough time to do his thing and develop. How much can a familiar running back in this case?

  10. They’re getting too cute in Jacksonville. Literally the only this good about that team last year was Robinson and their first round plan was to replace him?

  11. Dude was the ACC’s all time leading scorer with breakaway speed and James Robinson can’t score from 60. The rules favor offense these days. I think it’s a good pick

  12. Travis & Fabio Trevor back together..why doesn’t Urbs hire Dabo Sweeney too?

  13. I don’t have a problem with the Jags going RB with their 2nd pick of the 1st round but if they don’t go after some protection for Trevor with their next pick I will. Their next picks @ #33 and #45 of round 2 should be OL since there’s only a couple of good ones left and then D.

  14. cheeseburger says:
    April 30, 2021 at 8:08 am
    Travis & Fabio Trevor back together..why doesn’t Urbs hire Dabo Sweeney too?

    Why you questioning Urban when it’s the GM that drafts players? Sure the HC has some say but the final decision is on the GM.

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