John Lynch admits 49ers contacted Packers about Aaron Rodgers

Divisional Round - Los Angeles Rams v Green Bay Packers
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The San Francisco 49ers selected quarterback Trey Lance with the third overall selection. Before doing so, they tried to use that pick plus more to acquire a veteran quarterback.

Via Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area, G.M. John Lynch admitted that the 49ers did indeed contact the Packers about a potential trade for quarterback Aaron Rodgers, without naming Rodgers’ name. Lynch said the 49ers were quickly rebuffed.

Lynch, to his credit, is honest and candid. Frankly, he’s too honest and candid. Nothing can be gained by admitting that they tried to get Rodgers on the night they welcome Trey Lance into the fold. It only puts more pressure on Lance.

Then again, there already will be plenty of pressure on Lance. The fact that the 49ers tried to get Rodgers instead is just a little more.

21 responses to “John Lynch admits 49ers contacted Packers about Aaron Rodgers

  1. If Lance can’t handle that kind of pressure he’ll never make it in the NFL. My guess is he can.

  2. Lance would need to get over himself if he was jostled by the 9ers kicking the tires on nabbing the league MVP.

  3. And Chicago jumps in to take Fields before the Pats can. So looks like Mac Jones will go to the Pats at 15. The guy looks a lot like Brady in terms of mobility and accuracy. Might be a nice fit for the Pats.

  4. Good Job by Kyle and John. This was the right pick. Trey Lance had Gold Jacket talent, Gold Jacket Ceiling along with the intensity and desire to reach that ceiling. Good job. Now the whole trade makes sense.

  5. 49ers shoulda just taken him instead of Alex Smith… imagine how different the last last 15 years would have gone

  6. Can we all agree that this (non) decision by the Packers brain trust may go down as one of the most bone headed and franchise defining for this decade?

  7. They contacted the Packers. Does not mean the Packers spoke to them. And if one of Gute’s guys did to speak to them, he quickly gave them a fast NO THANKS.👋

    The trade wannabe drama is big dud.

    Funny though.

  8. Lynch/Shanahan are 29-35. One winning season. Niners have made one trip to the postseason in 7 years and the hype train rolls on.

  9. Packers said they didn’t speak to anyone about a trade with the 49’ers. Sounds like they didn’t. The biggest difference among all NFCN teams and their expectations for success in 2021 is, as of this moment, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. Nothing has changed. Yet.

  10. The 49ers over-reached for the third pick. Trey Lance may be a fine quarterback, but could have been had at a later pick for sure. Similar to Mac Jones who slipped all the way to 15th. I think they realized this after the fact and tried to flip the pick for Aaron Rodgers.

  11. Glad they kept that pick a secret- im sure somebody wanted to trade up to get Lance at 2 lol. What an absolute disaster. Fire-able offense

  12. *in the locker room*

    “Oh hey…um…Hi Jimmy! Yeah, um….so don’t read the papers do you? Oh, you do. Um, bummer. Yeah so we tried to trade for Rodgers the day of the draft, and we did that only after selling out the farm of draft picks to trade up for Trey Lance.” “What? Oh um yeah, he did only start 17 games”. “But trust me, we love you Jimmy! You’re our future!”

    LOL. Awkward!!!

  13. Nothing can be gained by admitting that they tried to get Rodgers on the night they welcome Trey Lance into the fold. It only puts more pressure on Lance.
    If they were able to acquire Rodgers and decided on Lance that would be true but all this says is they couldn’t do enough to get their top choice so they got their #2. The real pressure on Lance is if JimmyG ends up starting somewhere and performs well/stays healthy.

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